Why Zipprr is the Best Platform for Buying and Selling Websites

November 7, 2022
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Buying or selling an existing website can be a complex process full of potential pitfalls – faulty valuations, security risks, technical obstacles, flaky buyers, and more. The right platform makes all the difference in creating a smooth, successful transaction.

Zipper is a web marketplace dedicated specifically to website transactions – helping buyers and sellers come together to exchange sites securely. But why is Zipprr the premier choice for buying and selling established sites compared to alternatives?

In this post, we’ll highlight 10 key advantages Zipprr offers that make it the top platform for website transactions of all sizes. Read on to see why both buyers and sellers should choose Zipprr for their next site purchase or sale.

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Reason 1 - Large Inventory of Quality Sites

The foundation of any marketplace is inventory. You want selection and variety when seeking out sites to purchase. Zipprr delivers here in spades.

Some key inventory advantages:

  • Constantly updated database with thousands of sites currently listed for sale. Choose from established sites in every category – blogs, ecommerce, SaaS, apps, and more.
  • New sites are added daily across niches like finance, technology, cryptocurrency, beauty, sports, health, and virtually any topic you can imagine. Whatever your interests or goals, you’ll find options.
  • The inventory provides diversity in size, traffic, revenue, age, and valuation – making it accessible for all budgets and experience levels. Sites ranging from a few hundred dollars to millions.
  • Zipprr has a careful vetting process for sellers listing their sites. This ensures site quality – weeding out low-value, duplicate, or questionable sites that waste buyers’ time.
  • You can easily filter and search the inventory using criteria like niche, metrics, price, commercial viability, and more to pinpoint options matching your goals.

The bottom line is that Zipprr gives you an immense selection of established, quality sites to choose from – more so than any other marketplace. You can find just what you’re looking for.

Reason 2 - Accurate Valuation Tools

Figuring out fair market value pricing is one of the trickiest aspects of buying and selling websites. Both sellers seeking top dollar and buyers wanting a bargain benefit from accurate valuations. This is another area where Zipprr shines.

Zipprr provides users with a proprietary site valuation tool that calculates estimated value based on key details you input about the site.

Valuation advantages include:

  • The algorithm is based on real-world sales data of millions of dollars in sites sold through Zipprr, so valuations reflect true market worth.
  • Factors assessed include traffic, revenues, assets, metrics, niches, and more. The more data provided, the more accurate the estimate.
  • Sellers receive data-driven guidance on ideal listing prices to optimize selling success and prevent overpricing.
  • Buyers gain insights into fair offer amounts based on tangible site metrics versus guesses.
  • As more sites are bought and sold through Zipprr, the valuation tool improves continuously using up-to-date sales data and machine learning.

Bottom line – Zipprr’s valuation technology takes the guesswork out of determining website worth for both buyers and sellers. You have an unbiased data-driven starting point.

Reason 3 - Secure Escrow Services

Safely exchanging money between buyers and sellers is crucial for a smooth transaction. Zipprr’s secure escrow services ensure funds are protected and released only when all terms are satisfied.

Key escrow benefits:

  • Money only changes hands once agreed-on conditions like site migration, final verification, etc. are complete. Reduces fraud risks substantially.
  • Zipprr’s licensed and bonded escrow team acts as an impartial third party handling the transaction and providing oversight.
  • For large transactions, funds can be secured in an attorney escrow account adding further protections.
  • Escrow services are provided free of charge for both buyers and sellers as part of the value Zipprr offers.
  • The process prevents issues like fake payments, credit card chargebacks, reversals, or other tricks. All payments must be fully clear.

Using Zipprr’s trusted integrated escrow process gives both sides confidence in the security of the financial transaction – which leads to more successful deals.

Reason 4 - Smooth Site Migration Process

After a deal is made, the process of technically transitioning a site from seller to buyer can be complex – hosting, domains, account access, redirects, etc. Zipprr helps smooth this transition.

Migration support includes:

  • Securely transfer hosting services and domain registration with no downtime in a streamlined process.
  • Provide sellers checklists of key steps to take preparing sites for new owners – assets to deliver, account access to grant, documentation to provide, etc.
  • Guide buyers through technical, managerial, and administrative aspects of assuming control over a new website.
  • Step-by-step support materials help handle tricky aspects like pointing domains to new servers, verifying SSL certificates, and more.
  • Direct support is available from Zipprr’s team to troubleshoot any transition issues between a site’s old and new owner.

Selling or buying a site means navigating many moving parts as it exchanges hands. Having Zipprr oversee the migration gives peace of mind.

Reason 5 - Expert Support and Advice

Between valuation, negotiation, due diligence, transition, and beyond – buying or selling a site brings up countless questions. Getting expert support and advice from Zipprr’s team is invaluable for navigating the process smoothly.

Areas of guidance include:

  • Zipprr’s support staff are experts in website transactions – available to provide insights and best practices when you need them.
  • Free consultation session with a valuation specialist helps sites dial in their asking price and selling strategy.
  • For complex deals, a dedicated account manager provides personalized guidance from listing to closing.
  • Extensive library of articles, guides, and resources written by industry veterans offers tips for listing sites properly, performing due diligence, negotiation strategies, and more.
  • Discounts and special access to trusted partner services – hosting, legal, migration support, etc. – to assist with transactions.

Between the platform functionality and human expertise, Zipprr gives you a powerful support network for buying and selling sites with confidence.

Reason 6 - Reliable Buyers with Proven Funds

Nothing wastes more time and energy for sellers than fielding inquiries from fake buyers who can’t actually afford the site or lack the intent to finalize a purchase. Zipprr works to connect you only with serious, credible buyers.

To attract qualified buyers, Zipprr:

  • Screens buyers upfront before they can bid on sites. Checks credibility, source of funds, purchase history, and other qualifications.
  • Requires proof of funds for high-value bids so sellers know the money is real.
  • Maintains a 9 to 1 buyer-to-seller ratio so sellers get more real potential buyers viewing their listing.
  • Prioritizes and promotes the most credible buyers with financial backing and purchase history to sellers.
  • Blocks and bans any suspicious users or activity quickly to prevent bad actors.

By vetting buyers and facilitating only high-potential connections, Zipprr protects sellers’ time and maximizes serious bidders.

Reason 7 - Maximized Exposure to Qualified Buyers

Simply listing your site for sale is only step one. Maximizing visibility with the right prospective buyers takes targeted marketing and promotion. This is an area Zipprr invests heavily in.

Promotion perks include:

  • Network of thousands of established buyers actively looking to purchase sites each month. New qualified buyers are joining the marketplace daily.
  • Algorithmic buyer matching uses proprietary technology to understand buyers’ preferences based on their profiles and activity. Listings are automatically promoted to the buyers most likely to purchase that specific site.
  • Listing syndicated across a broad network of websites, news outlets, social media, and other channels to get widely visible to relevant audiences.
  • Sellers can market to their own contacts and social media followers to further promote their listing and attract buyers they already know.
  • Feature premium listings on Zipprr’s homepage and targeted emails to buyer lists – prime visibility.

Maximum exposure through promoted listings, matching algorithms, syndication at scale, and social broadcasting ensures your site gets seen by an optimal swath of buyers eager to invest.

Reason 8 - Seller Verification and Screening

Just as buyers want to avoid sketchy sellers, legitimate sellers also want their sites presented ethically and legally. Zipprr vets and verifies sellers step-by-step to build trust.

Seller screening includes:

  • Multi-step seller application required before submitting listings – establishing credibility and intent.
  • Documentation verification validating legal ownership – contracts, purchase records, tax docs, etc.
  • Identification check and background screening to affirm seller identity.
  • Site inspection and traffic verification through analytics and server access.
  • Assessing seller reputation based on reviews, listing accuracy, responsiveness, and more.

This diligence allows buyers to invest confidently knowing the seller is legitimate and site information is validated – leading to greater sales success.

Reason 9 - Review and Rating System

Transacting online comes with some uncertainty. Zipprr’s review and rating systems help identify credible partners and avoid potential issues on both sides.

Reviews and ratings provide:

  • Post-transaction reviews from both buyers and sellers sharing feedback on the experience.
  • Star rating system aggregated from reviews establishes reputational credibility.
  • Helps identify users with a track record of satisfying or dissatisfying deals.
  • Gives future users insights into responsiveness, negotiation, transition support, and other behaviors to expect.
  • Flags users with unusually negative reviews for additional screening or intervention by Zipprr.

Feedback systems bring transparency – separating quality actors from problematic ones – to cultivate a trusted marketplace.

Reason 10 - Forms Strategic Partnerships

To expand its capabilities and credibility, Zipprr forms win-win partnerships with respected industry players across niches like website brokers, migration services, development agencies, and more.

Key partnerships:

  • Brokers listed on the platform gain access to massive buyer reach to increase sales.
  • Development agencies and marketing firms connect clients to sellers and buyers seamlessly.
  • Hosting and other infrastructure partners gain customer leads while offering preferred rates.
  • Affiliate partnerships expand awareness to new website investor audiences.

These mutually beneficial relationships provide broader access to buyers and sellers while improving the quality of services.


Purchasing or selling an existing website is exciting but full of pitfalls – without the right platform facilitating the transaction. As outlined throughout this article, Zipprr offers an unmatched combination of inventory selection, accurate valuations, security, migration management, expertise, buyer relationships, and industry partnerships.

These advantages make Zipprr the premier choice for both buyers and sellers of established sites across all categories, models, sizes, and complexity levels. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell your first site or your fiftieth, start your next transaction at Zipprr for the highest likelihood of success.

The proof is in the payouts. Zipprr has already facilitated the sale of over $200 million in website assets. Add your site to the inventory or browse what’s available today. There’s never been a better time to buy or sell!

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