Top Features to Include in Your UrbanClap Clone App

September 4, 2023
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Want to build the next big service booking platform but unsure where to start? With over 15 million users and $445 million in funding, UrbanClap has disrupted the home services industry. Learn from their success by including these top 10 features in your app – from user registration to online payments – to connect customers and professionals in your city!
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10 Must-Have Features in an UrbanClap Clone App

1. User Registration and Login

The user registration and login feature forms the foundation of your on-demand services app. A simple and quick sign-up process allows users to easily create an account on your platform using their basic details.

Key Details to Collect

During user registration, you need to collect essential information like:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Location (city)

You can make the registration process faster by allowing signup through social media accounts like Google or Facebook instead of manually entering all details.

Login Options

Along with email and password, enable phone number verification and OTP login as well for better convenience. Allow users to stay logged in so they don’t have to enter credentials repeatedly.

Profile Setup

Once registered, users should be able to set up their profile by adding details like address, profile photo etc. You can also add optional information like social media links, bio etc. to allow users to customize their profiles.

An easy signup and login process allows more people to join your platform faster. Keep improving the user experience with a seamless registration process.

2. Service Provider Registration

Professionals offering various urban services are the backbone of your platform. To onboard quality service providers, you need a comprehensive registration process.

Service Provider Details

During service provider registration, collect important details like:

  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Professional experience
  • Qualifications
  • Services offered
  • Location/Serviceable areas

You can make signup easier by integrating with Google Maps API to autofill location details.

Verification Process

To ensure service quality, add an identity and document verification process for service professionals. You can verify their government IDs, certificates, work licenses etc. before approving them.

Service Listing

Allow providers to create a detailed service listing that highlights their expertise. Let them showcase services offered, experience, portfolio, certifications etc. to help build trust and credibility.

The service provider registration process creates your platform’s provider database. Follow UrbanClap’s model and onboard only verified, quality professionals to assure users.

3. Service Listing

A comprehensive services catalogue is essential to allow users to discover and book various urban services on your platform.

Service Categories

Categorize services into relevant categories like home repairs, beauty services, fitness, health, events and more. This helps users navigate and find the right service easily.

Service Details

For each service listing, key details to include are:

  • Service name and description
  • Pricing and packages
  • Provider name, image, experience
  • Average rating and reviews

Keep service listings detailed yet concise for better user experience. Allow providers to showcase their strengths and offerings through service listings.

Search and Filters

Add a robust search feature to easily find services by name, category, location etc. Advanced filters like price range, availability, ratings etc. further refine search results.

Curate services smartly and enable users to discover the services they need conveniently on your app.

4. Service Booking

Seamless booking of services through the app is the most critical part of your urban services platform. Optimize this feature for maximum conversions.

Booking Form

The booking form should be minimalistic and easy to fill. Key details to capture are:

  • Service required
  • Date/Time
  • Location
  • Contact details

Auto-populate user details like name, address etc. to speed up booking.

Provider Selection

If multiple providers offer a service, enable users to view profiles and select the preferred provider for booking. Add filters to refine options.

Calendar Integration

Integrate provider calendars to show availability and allow booking as per schedule. Users can select a free time slot before confirming a booking.


Collect user payment immediately through integrated payment gateway to confirm booking. Send confirmation notification along with booking details to user.

Streamline the booking process for faster conversions. Provide booking flexibility but keep the flow simple and quick.

5. Payment Integration

Enable seamless payments within the app through integration with payment gateways like Stripe and Razorpay. This is a must-have UrbanClap clone app feature. Payment Methods Support credit cards, debit cards, net banking, e-wallets and UPI payments. This provides users with flexible payment options to complete bookings and transactions. Security Comply with security protocols like PCI DSS for secure encryption and data protection while processing transactions. This builds user trust. Payment Workflows Define intuitive payment workflows for transactions like:
  • Collect partial advance fee during booking
  • Take full payment when provider confirms booking
  • Autosplit payment between provider and platform
Payment Tracking Maintain transparency by providing payment tracking with status updates like paid, pending, cancelled etc. Integrated payments allow instant transactions without breaking user flow. Choose reliable payment gateways and optimize payment workflows.

6. Scheduling and Calendar

An integrated calendar and scheduling feature enables smooth bookings between users and professionals. Key functions include:

Provider Availability

  • Allow providers to mark availability and unavailable time slots in calendar
  • Highlight blocked and open slots to aid booking

User Booking

  • Enable users to view provider calendars with availability
  • Select preferred time slot as per provider schedule for booking
  • Get real-time confirmation on slot booked


  • Provide easy tools for providers to manage availability and slots
  • Block specific dates, mark holidays, set buffers between bookings etc.
  • Providers can sync existing calendars and set auto-updates

Notifications and Reminders

  • Send booking reminders and confirmation notifications to users and providers
  • Alerts for rescheduling, cancellation etc. to stay updated

The calendar and scheduling feature creates transparency and order in the system. Optimized tools and reminders allow smooth daily functioning.

7. Chat and Messaging

On-app communication between users and service providers through chat and messaging enables seamless interactions.

Real-time Chat

A one-on-one chat interface between users and individual providers gives instant messaging capability. Allows queries, discussions regarding bookings, payments etc.

Chat History

Maintain persistent chat history across devices. Users and providers can refer back to previous discussions at any time.

Push Notifications

Instant push notifications for new messages keep users engaged. No need to manually check app.

Additional Features

Add automated appointment reminders, in-chat service catalogue, multimedia file sharing for richer messaging experience.

Chat is a must-have in every on-demand service app. Streamline communications between your platform’s users and providers through in-app chat.

8. Reviews and Ratings

Reviews and ratings provide authentic feedback about service providers that helps users make informed booking decisions.


Allow users to rate providers on metrics like quality, timeliness, value for money etc. on a 5-star scale post service.


Users can post detailed reviews with their experiences about the services availed. Enable photos/videos of service done.


To prevent misuse, have a team to moderate reviews and ratings before public publishing.


Display reviews sorted by recency, ratings etc for relevant feedback on top. Enable filtering reviews on aspects like ratings, content etc.

Response Management

Let service providers publicly respond to user reviews and feedback to resolve issues.

Reviews build accountability and help sustain consistent service quality on your platform. Manage reviews vigilantly.

9. Push Notifications

Push notifications are a valuable tool to engage users and keep them updated about app activities.

Appointment Reminders

Remind users about upcoming bookings and scheduled services before time.

Booking Confirmations

Send notifications to users when their requested service gets confirmed by the provider.

Promotional Alerts

Notify users about discounts, offers, seasonal promotions to drive engagement.

Activity Notifications

Alert users about transactions, new messages, booking changes, cancellations etc. for quick updates.


Allow users to set notification preferences and opt out if required.

Timely and relevant push notifications keep users hooked to your app. Send notifications judiciously and limit unnecessary spam.

10. Admin Panel

A comprehensive admin panel provides UrbanClap-like apps strong backend management capabilities.

User Management

Admin capabilities to view, approve, block, and manage end users and service providers. Control access and permissions.

Service Management

Add, edit, activate/deactivate service listings and categories in the catalogue.

Analytics and Reporting

Get visual and tabular insights into key metrics like bookings, revenues, user engagement etc. for data-driven decisions.

Content Management

Create and manage website and app content like banners, offers, help articles etc. without coding.


Administer core configurations like location, currency, commission charges, platform fee etc.

Notifications Center

Send targeted push notifications and emails to users and providers from admin panel.

The admin panel is mission control for your app/website. Give admins the power to manage end-to-end operations from a single dashboard.


An UrbanClap clone app with the above essential features can enable you to successfully build and scale an on-demand home services marketplace.

Focus on creating seamless experiences and enabling transparency on your platform. Implement robust systems and quality checks to ensure reliable services.

Convenience, reliability and quality service delivery are key pillars for any urban services app. If executed well, your app can gain the trust of users and become the go-to solution for all their local service needs.

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