Top 9 Travel Blog Domain Name Ideas to Consider for Your Site

September 11, 2023
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The domain name is crucial for a travel blog as it serves as the digital address and brand identity. Getting it right initially is important as it can influence success. This post provides the top 9 effective travel blog domain name ideas that stand out and have potential to propel a new blog to success.

Over 80% of travel planning is done online. 33% of US travelers use blogs for advice. Most blogs are 1-4 years old and use sponsored posts and publications as main income sources. The average rate for sponsored posts is $200.94% of blogs sell ads. Traffic mainly comes from non-brand searches, not direct.  There are over 500 million blogs total.
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Top 9 Travel Blog Domain Name ⁣Ideas

1. Your Blog

One ⁣of the ⁢optimal options is using your blog’s main title or‍ theme as the domain⁣ name. By ⁢doing‌ this, you ‌make it easy for your audience ‌to recall your ⁢site’s name leading⁢ to increased⁤ traffic. However, before you decide, ensure the name is⁤ available as a ‌.com domain‍ for broader ‍reach.

A few ⁤examples of this could be “” or⁣ ““. Always remember,⁣ clarity and ‌simplicity are ‌key when choosing your domain name.

2. Location/Niche Specific

  • Naming your⁣ blog after a location or⁤ travel niche can be an excellent way to ‌stand out in the crowded travel blog arena.
  • This approach⁤ can attract a specific set of audience ⁢who are ‍interested in the location or the topic you are focusing on.⁣
  • Couple that with a .com‍ at the⁤ end, and ⁤you’ve got yourself a winner.

Examples in this category include domains like “” or “”. The more specific your domain name,⁤ the more likely it is to attract an audience that will connect with your content.

3. ⁣Your Blog⁣

As a‍ newer top-level domain ‍(TLD),⁢ using a .travel extension makes your site ⁤instantly ‌recognizable as a travel blog. This could help your blog distinguish itself from others in a sea of⁢ .coms. ⁤However, it’s essential to ⁢make sure the ‍name works well⁤ with the .travel extension.

Examples like “” or “” clearly convey the purpose and content of the blog. Again, ⁣the focus here ‍is ‍on clarity and recognition.


If personal branding is your ‍goal,‌ using your first‍ and last name as your domain name‍ is a fantastic option. This strategy is⁢ especially ⁢beneficial if you spotlight more of your personal‍ experiences in your⁤ travel blog.

For instance, “” or‌ “” create a personal⁣ brand around the blogger themselves. One ‍point to remember is to check availability‍ and ascertain that it ‍isn’t too‌ common to ‍be ‍mistaken for ⁣another site.


The .blog TLD, while relatively new, is ‍a steadily growing choice for blogs of every genre, including travel. It makes a clear statement about what your site is, but it’s essential to⁣ consider its pros and cons compared to a .com extension.

For ⁢example, a site named⁢ “” emphasizes that it’s a blog about a person (or maybe ⁤a dog!) roaming around. However, do⁤ bear in mind that being newer, a .blog may not be as instantly recognized or ⁣trusted by‍ some readers as a .com.


Short,⁤ snappy, and memorable is ‍the way to go for⁤ a successful brand ⁢name, and translating this into a domain name is a practical step. However,⁤ it’s important to make sure it still reflects the blog’s nature and ⁢doesn’t get too abstract.

For example, domains like “” or “” are short and hip, definitely memorable. But make ‌sure ⁢it’s not so unusual that it becomes unsearchable.


For those on a tight budget, .co domain‍ could be an affordable alternative that still fares well. Although it doesn’t⁤ have the same global recognition as .com, it still has significant‍ usage and familiarity ⁣among the ‌internet audience.

So, domains like “” or “” could ⁣put some extra savings in your travel‍ budget!


If you’ve found that your ideal ⁣one-word domain name is taken, don’t⁣ lose ‌hope! ⁤Consider using a two-word domain⁣ name, which can be equally catchy and‌ memorable. Pairing two related travel‍ words can create a visually impactful and memorable domain.

Examples such as ⁤”” or “” prove that two words can be better than ⁢one. A tip is to combine words ‌that are easy to spell and pronounce.


Reflect your fun personality or unique style of travel in your domain name by choosing something entertaining,‍ quirky, or unusually ⁣enticing. This approach could set your blog apart in ‌the crowded blogosphere.

Some fun examples are “” or ⁣””. Remember, however, that a fun name should still mirror ⁢your blog’s tone and content.

Final Words

The domain name you select for your travel ⁢blog is a vital aspect of your brand identity. It can influence your blog’s perceived credibility, ⁢relevance, and memorability. Remember that your website address should be short, simple, unique, and a representation of your brand’s identity ⁣and the type of content you produce.

Consider one‍ of ‌these top nine domain name ideas, test it⁣ out on friends ⁢and family for feedback, ⁣and then get ready to launch your travel blog. Choosing a fitting domain name is the‍ first step on your exciting journey to creating an ⁤influential travel blog.

So, what are you waiting for? Choose your domain name, get your travel blog‍ up and running, and start sharing your ⁤unique ‌adventures with the world.

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