The Benefits of Buying an Established Website on Zipprr

November 7, 2022
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Zipprr is an online marketplace that allows people to buy and sell existing websites. If you’re looking to get a website up and running quickly, buying an established site on Zipprr can save you a ton of time and effort compared to building a new site from scratch.

In this post, we’ll highlight the key benefits of going the Zipprr route rather than starting completely from zero. Whether you want to skip the technical headaches of development, gain an instant audience, or leverage existing high-quality content, purchasing an existing site on Zipprr can give you a big head start.

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Benefit 1: Saves Time and Effort Building from Scratch

Creating a website from absolute nothing requires a massive investment of time, effort and skills. Unless you’re a seasoned web developer, building an entire website from the ground up involves overcoming a steep learning curve.

Buying an existing website through Zipprr allows you to circumvent this demanding process entirely. The benefits include:

  • The hosting, domain registration, site security, design theme and other technical infrastructure is already set up and implemented. You can simply plug and play rather than handling all of these complex steps yourself.
  • You don’t have to worry about hand coding HTML or learning how to customize WordPress themes. The site is already designed for you out of the box.
  • Importing and organizing content is a snap since the site content and structure is already in place. You won’t waste hours figuring out how to post your first blog or get basic pages live.
  • No need to deal with the hassle of properly optimizing and structuring a site for search engines. The site likely already has some search visibility and traffic from past SEO efforts.
  • You avoid the strenuous work of building meaningful traffic and rankings from absolute zero. The existing site comes with a head start in terms of search presence and audience.

Building a successful site takes expertise across web development, design, writing, marketing and more. Acquiring all these skill sets takes years of experience and work. Buying a site through Zipprr lets you circumvent the technically demanding process of building a site from scratch.

Benefit 2: Gain an Existing Audience and Revenue

A major perk of buying an established site on Zipprr is that you may acquire an existing audience and even revenue streams. The benefits include:

  • Established sites on Zipprr come with a built-in audience and potential customers. You gain users who already know and trust the brand.
  • An existing traffic base and email subscriber list can provide tremendous value. Immediately tap into an audience without slowly building from nothing.
  • Many sites already have income through advertising, affiliate programs, digital products or other monetization models. Take over and grow these revenue streams.
  • Continue and optimize existing partnerships and sponsorships that are already converting rather than seeking out new ones.
  • Active social media profiles with engaged followers hand over exposure on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Sites with ecommerce stores come stocked with inventory, merchant accounts, payment integrations and other valuable assets.
  • Customer data including reviews and transaction history provide insights into bidding up existing customers.

Rather than slowly attracting followers from absolute zero, purchasing an established site on Zipprr allows you to instantly tap into an existing audience and income. This kickstarts the path to profitability.

Benefit 3: Get a Proven Concept and Business Model

One risk of building a new website from scratch is that you have to test and validate your business concept. Will it attract an audience? How will it make money? This uncertainty leaves new site owners crossing their fingers.

Buying an existing site eliminates much of that risk. The benefits include:

  • The overall business model, site concept and monetization approach has already been proven successful to some degree.
  • You can assess traffic analytics, revenue data and audience engagement metrics to evaluate viability.
  • Less need to radically reinvent the wheel or try unproven ideas that may completely flop. Tweak and optimize rather than starting from zero.
  • Issues with site performance, user experience and revenue generation have likely already been identified and addressed by the previous owner.
  • Gain insights into why the previous owner may have lost interest to avoid making the same mistakes.
  • No need to worry whether your topic, niche or theme will resonate. Previous growth and revenue indicates interest.

Rather than rolling the dice on unproven ideas, buying an existing site lets you take over a concept validated by actual site performance and income generation. This real-world testing provides peace of mind.

Benefit 4: Leverage Seller's Existing Content

Creating high-quality website content from scratch requires enormous effort. Buying an existing site means acquiring the seller’s library of content to leverage and build upon.

  • All of the articles, images, videos, audio, plugins, themes and tools created by the previous owner transfer over to you. This body of work would take ages to develop solo.
  • Inbound links, social shares and search visibility tied to old content will continue benefiting your site. The content comes pre-optimized for search and social engagement.
  • You can re-purpose and expand upon proven content that resonated with readers and drove traffic under previous management.
  • The existing content provides a strong foundation. Expand the library over time vs. starting with a blank slate.
  • No need to hire freelance writers to quickly populate the site. The content is already created saving substantial costs.

The sheer effort and creativity required to produce reams of polished website content from scratch is massive. Buying existing content through a Zipprr site purchase relieves this burden substantially.

Benefit 5: Get a Ready-Made Brand

Starting a website from scratch means conceptualizing a brand identity and striving to build brand awareness from absolute zero. Buying an established site allows you to inherit all of the previous branding work.

  • An existing site comes with branding assets like logos, colors, fonts, etc. This professional visual identity would require hiring a designer to create from nothing.
  • Brand messaging and voice has already been developed saving you from defining the brand story and tone.
  • Any brand awareness and recognition established by the previous owner transfers over giving you a head start vs obscurity.
  • You gain the brand’s reputation and credibility signaling longevity and trust to visitors.
  • Allows you to revive an inactive yet familiar brand vs. launching completely unknown.
  • Followers on social media contribute to brand exposure and visibility.

Starting from scratch means no one has heard of your brand before. By acquiring an existing brand on Zipprr you can bypass the challenging process of building meaningful brand recognition.

Benefit 6: Assess Traffic Sources and SEO Value

Understanding where a website’s traffic originates from and its SEO value is hugely beneficial. Buying an existing site allows you to access analytics to evaluate the site’s sources of visitors.

  • Review Google Analytics data to see traffic vs time, referrals, social media, organic search etc. See what channels worked best.
  • Analyze search performance to identify successful keywords and rankings providing clues to focus ongoing SEO efforts.
  • See which social platforms drove the most referrals and followers to double down on social channels with traction.
  • Identify partners, influencers and external sites referring traffic to potentially continue and expand those relationships.
  • Review technical SEO elements like site speed, mobile optimization, structured data etc. to maintain or improve.
  • Evaluate if past link building efforts obtained valuable backlinks from external sites that still benefit SEO.

Rather than guessing about marketing and SEO tactics in the dark, you gain insights into the site’s existing traffic sources and SEO to selectively build on areas of success.

Benefit 7: Access Existing Relationships and Partnerships

A website developed in silos provides no existing relationships with other sites, companies or influencers. Buying an established site opens the door to leverage existing partnerships and connections.

  • May gain introductions to past sponsors, advertisers, guest contributors, affiliates and other beneficial partnerships.
  • Continue mutually beneficial business development relationships that took effort to build originally.
  • See what partnerships converted well into revenue opportunities vs. speculative outreach.
  • Tap into past contributors who already know the site and may gladly create new content.
  • Review outreach and vetting processes for advertisers, sponsors and partners that generated results.
  • Opportunity to revive partnerships that may have faded under previous owner.

The website relationships and network established by the seller provide tremendous value for future growth. Rather than starting completely from scratch, you amplify existing assets.

Benefit 8: Get Support Transitioning the Site

Taking over an existing site inherently comes with questions about properly managing the site, leveraging its potential and avoiding pitfalls. Many Zipprr sellers provide transitional support and insights benefitting buyers.

  • Sellers often provide limited direct training for new owners to smoothly handle site migration like hosting transfers, domain settings, etc.
  • Can pick the previous owner’s brain on challenges managing the site, quirks of operation and hidden potentials.
  • Gain access to site data like analytics, earnings reports, contact lists etc. to make smart decisions.
  • Learn insider tips directly from past management on site-specific tools, apps, processes and content that drove results.
  • Opportunity to ask strategic questions about past direction, challenges and wins to build on successes rather than repeating failures.
  • Ongoing Q&A from someone intrinsically familiar with the site provides advantages over inheriting a site with no contact.

The guidance and knowledge transfer from the Zipprr seller helps overcome the learning curve of managing an unfamiliar site. Their past experience streamlines getting up to speed.

Benefit 9: Save on Initial Design and Development Costs

A custom designed, developed and tested website built from the ground up can easily cost thousands of dollars or more in upfront investment. Buying an existing Zipprr site lets you bypass these hefty costs.

  • The site’s design theme, customization, functionality and infrastructure already required substantial investment to implement initially.
  • No need to hire a web design agency or developer to code a site from scratch. This alone saves potentially thousands of dollars.
  • The costs of testing elements like site speed, security, user experience etc. were already covered.
  • Any paid plugins, themes, software or apps on the site transfer over as part of the sale providing added bundled value.
  • The domain registration, hosting plan, SSL certificate and other key elements are already purchased.
  • No upfront costs for setting up web hosting, email services, site backups, analytics etc.

The money and effort already sunk into the site’s development, design and launch can be considerable. By purchasing an existing site you capitalize on these past investments rather than funding them yourself.

Benefit 10: Gain Credibility of an Established Domain

Websites that have been around for years tend to appear more credible and authoritative than brand new sites to visitors. An existing site purchased through Zipprr may provide this perceived credibility.

  • Extensive site history and past posts date back farther than the site’s sale, signaling longevity to visitors.
  • Higher domain authority metrics and trust signals based on factors like age and past inbound links.
  • Dates of social media accounts, press mentions etc. extend before you take ownership.
  • Any existing perception that the site is an established entity in the industry transfers over.
  • Shows more evidence of validity than a cookie-cutter site created yesterday.
  • Google may determine the site has built up reputation based on uptime and performance factors.

While signals like years in business or customer reviews build trust for companies, similar website credibility indicators manifest through domain history and performance. Buying an existing site can deliver this beneficial perception of reputation.


Building a successful website from absolute zero requires an immense investment of time, money and effort. There is also inherent risk launching an unproven business concept.

Purchasing an established website through Zipprr allows you to shortcuts much of the challenging process of creating a new site from scratch. You gain an instant audience, leverage existing high-quality content, acquire proven income streams, inherit brand recognition and more.

If you want to startup and run a website, strongly consider buying an existing site on Zipprr rather than attempting the demanding work of building one from nothing. Finding the right site that matches your interests and goals can set you on the fast track to growing an audience and achieving your business objectives compared to developing a new website solo.

Check out the range of established sites available on Zipprr today. You might just find an incredible site that provides the perfect head start.

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