Renting a Car on Turo for Someone Else: The Complete Guide

July 14, 2023
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So your buddy or family member needs a set of wheels for an upcoming trip. And you, being the awesome friend/relative you are, offered to handle booking a cheap rental car for them through Turo.

But then the questions start popping up in your mind:

  • Can I actually book a Turo car for another person?
  • What if I’m not traveling with them?
  • Will I be responsible for the rental?
  • What steps do I need to take to ensure this goes smoothly?

I’ve been there too! That’s why I put together this comprehensive guide breaking down everything you need to know about renting a car on Turo for someone else.

Whether you’ll be road-tripping together or just handling logistics remotely, you’ll be a Turo rental pro for others after reading this. Let’s dive in!

Is It Possible to Rent a Turo Car for Another Person?

The short answer – yes, it is absolutely possible to book a Turo car for someone else to use!

Turo’s policies allow you to add additional drivers to your rental reservation. So you can book as the primary renter, then request to add other drivers to the trip through the Turo app or website.

However, there are a few limitations and requirements to keep in mind:

  • You remain financially responsible – As a primary renter, you agree to Turo’s terms and are liable for damages, late returns, etc.
  • Additional drivers must be approved – Anyone you want to add must have a Turo account and be verified to drive before you can include them.
  • Pickup/dropoff remains your responsibility – Even if someone else will be driving, you have to handle getting the car initially and returning it after.

As long as you keep those key Turo policies in mind, booking a car through your account for other drivers is totally doable. Now let’s look at how to set this up properly.

Steps for Smoothly Booking a Turo Car for Someone Else

To ensure a seamless rental experience when booking for another person, follow these best practices:

Have the other person create a Turo profile

First things first – anyone you want to add as a driver needs to have their own Turo account.

Have them download the Turo app or sign up at to create a user profile. This will allow them to submit documentation and go through Turo’s verification process.

Verification ensures all drivers meet eligibility requirements related to age, license validity, etc. to drive in their region.

Add their payment information

To complete their account setup, your companion will need to add a valid credit or debit card. This will allow Turo to charge trip fees directly to their payment method later.

Book the car yourself as the primary renter

Once your buddy’s Turo account is ready to go, you can get started booking their rental through your own Turo account.

Search for cars at their destination, select a rental that fits their needs, and complete the booking yourself as the primary renter.

Send an add driver request

After booking, open the trip details in the Turo app or website. Scroll down and select “Add driver” to submit a request to include your companion.

Enter their Turo username or email address when prompted to send the additional driver invite.

Monitor the request status

Your rental buddy will get notified of your request to join the trip. But Turo also has to approve adding them based on their account status, car eligibility etc.

Track the request status on your trip details page. Once approved, your friend will be all set as an authorized additional driver at no extra cost!

And that’s the process for getting someone else added as a driver on your Turo rental. Pretty straightforward, right?

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Responsibilities as the Primary Turo Renter

While it may seem like an easy favor, renting a Turo car for another person does come with important responsibilities to be aware of as the primary booking renter:

You remain financially liable for the car

Even if you won’t actually be driving the car yourself, Turo considers you accountable for the vehicle and trip as the booking renter.

You agree to Turo’s terms and conditions, which makes you responsible for costs like:

  • Damage or excessive wear and tear
  • Late return fees
  • Parking or traffic violations
  • Toll or citation penalties
  • Cleaning fees for mess or smoking

So while it’s a nice gesture to book for someone, know that you’re on the hook financially!

Pickup and return remain your job

Whoever makes the Turo reservation has to be the one to pick up the car from the owner initially. This also goes for returning the car when the trip ends.

You’ll need to collect keys or fobs from the owner on arrival, inspect the car, and handle the handoff process. Same for meeting the owner to return keys and the vehicle when the rental concludes.

So no mailing keys or leaving the car in random parking lots! The primary renter handles pickup and dropoff.

You must be present when others drive

Here’s an important one – Turo requires the primary renter to be physically present whenever other additional drivers operate the vehicle.

So if you book a car for your sister but won’t be riding along, she legally can’t drive it alone without you there. You have to at least be in the passenger seat supervising.

Turo is strict about this to prevent unauthorized use when owners relinquish the car. Make alternate arrangements if you can’t ride along!

How to Add an Additional Driver on Your Turo Booking

Let’s walk step-by-step through how to request adding another driver once you’ve booked a Turo rental:

Have the other person create a Turo account

First things first – anyone you want to add needs a Turo account. Have them download the app and sign up or register at

They’ll submit their license, insurance, etc. to get verified by Turo for eligibility.

Check car eligibility

Double-check that the Turo rental you booked allows additional drivers. Some owners restrict extra drivers.

Also, confirm the age minimum for the car, and that your additional driver meets any requirements.

Log into your Turo account

Open the Turo app or website and log into your account that booked the rental car reservation.

Access trip details

Click “Your Trips” to view upcoming rentals. Select the specific trip to add a driver to.

Click “Add driver”

On the trip details screen, scroll down and click the “Add driver” button under the Drivers section.

Enter their username

Type in the exact username or email address associated with the Turo profile of the person you want to add.

Wait for approval

Turo will review your request against account standing and rental eligibility. If approved, you’ll see your additional driver get added!

And that’s the easy process to invite and add other drivers to your Turo reservation. Streamlined!

Number of Additional Drivers Allowed

When renting a car on Turo, how many extra drivers can you tack on beyond yourself?

The good news is you can add up to 7 additional drivers, for 8 total including the primary renter.

As long as all drivers are verified Turo users that satisfy the owner’s rental requirements, you can keep adding to the driver list until you hit 8.

Having multiple drivers authorized comes in handy for longer trips with several portions and driving duties.

But remember – limits and surcharges may apply if you try adding too many drivers on traditional car rental companies. Turo offers more flexibility here.

Penalties for Unauthorized Drivers

While Turo allows adding vetted additional drivers easily, you want to avoid unauthorized use at all costs.

Handing over the car to someone not approved by Turo is grounds for serious penalties:

  • Fines and fees up to $500
  • Ban from the Turo platform
  • Voided insurance coverage
  • Charges for damages
  • Owner claim for compensation

Not only does unauthorized use violate Turo policies, it likely breaks the owner’s insurance terms and puts everyone at risk. Don’t do it!

Stick to only approved, booked drivers operating the vehicle. Report unauthorized use immediately if you suspect a problem.

Advanced Booking Strategies

If you’ll be renting a car for a companion through Turo but not traveling together, a few extra strategies help ensure things run smoothly:

Submit add driver requests early

Give Turo plenty of time to vet additional drivers – at least 3-5 days before pickup ideal. Last-minute requests risk delays.

Discuss trip plans and details in advance

Coordinate rental use times, locations, return plans, etc. with additional drivers upfront to avoid issues.

Provide pickup/return instructions

Shareowner meetup details, key handoff tips, etc. to prep additional drivers for their rental duties.

Handle documentation digitally

Share rental agreements, owner contacts, and instructions using Google Drive or Dropbox so companions have everything.

Leverage Turo’s messaging

Use Turo’s in-app messaging to coordinate pickup, stay in contact during the rental, and handle return details.

Collect payment from them up front

Have your rental buddy pay you their portion of the Turo booking in advance since it’s charged to your card.

A bit more planning goes a long way when booking from afar. But it makes the process smooth for everyone.

Insurance Considerations for Additional Drivers

Before putting another person behind the wheel of your Turo rental, it pays to understand how insurance liability changes:

  • Turo’s protection plans still apply for eligible claims and drivers. But all authorization and eligibility conditions must be met.
  • Rental owners may limit protection for additional drivers in some cases. Check the listing.
  • If additional drivers trigger damages or violations outside protection terms, the primary renter remains accountable to resolve and pay costs.
  • For long rentals, adding drivers with their own comprehensive auto insurance can provide an extra layer of coverage.

The key takeaway? Have a very clear discussion about financial responsibility and insurance coverage with additional drivers before handing over the keys. Don’t get stuck holding the bag for mishaps.

Alternatives to Turo for Renting Cars for Others

While Turo makes it relatively easy to add additional drivers to a booking, it may not be the best fit for every situation.

Traditional rental car providers can also work in many cases:

  • For last-minute rentals, major agencies may have better local availability than Turo.
  • Airport locations are far more convenient pickup/dropoff points if you won’t be accompanying the other person.
  • Corporate and insurance discounts may make agency rental pricing competitive.
  • Rental companies often allow free cancellation if plans change last minute. Turo has stricter policies.
  • Agencies may offer better protection, insurance rates, and coverage for additional younger drivers.

Evaluate all options depending on the circumstances. For remote bookings, short trips, or adding risky young drivers – old-school rental providers still offer advantages in many cases.

Key Takeaways

Renting a car on Turo for someone else is convenient and enables access to unique inventory – when done properly. Here are the big takeaways to ensure success:

  • Make sure additional drivers have valid Turo profiles that comply with requirements.
  • As a primary renter, handle pickup, dropoff, and payments – even if you won’t drive.
  • Legally you must be present when other drivers operate the Turo rental.
  • Avoid unauthorized drivers to steer clear of penalties and voided coverage.
  • Plan ahead to make bookings for others go smoothly when traveling separately.
  • Compare to traditional agencies for some situations like last-minute rentals.

Unlike handing your personal car keys to a buddy, Turo rentals for others require planning and preparation. Start earning from your car with a Turo clone using Zipprr’s simple car sharing software.

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