Developing a Practo Clone Application Within a Budget

April 11, 2023
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Healthcare organizations of all sizes are taking advantage of digital technologies to enhance patient care and streamline clinical workflows. The Practo Clone app is one such technology that enables users to schedule appointments, access medical information, and consult with healthcare providers remotely.

But building a Practo Clone app can be expensive, particularly for startups or small clinics. In this article, we’ll discuss cost-effective ways to develop a Practo Clone app without compromising on quality or functionality.

What is Practo Clone App:

Practo is a premier healthcare technology company that enables the quick and efficient connection between patients and providers of medical services. Their app allows users to book appointments, order prescriptions, access records and more. The Practo Clone app is a replica of the original Practo platform, with added features tailored to each provider’s needs. This allows medical centers to offer their patients instant online consultations as well as appointment scheduling solutions, offering a much-needed convenient solution for better patient care.

Importance of developing Practo Clone app:

Healthcare providers can benefit from a Practo Clone app in many ways. Patient engagement is improved, clinical workflows are streamlined, and access to care is expanded – even across physical boundaries. By using telemedicine services, such as online consultations, healthcare providers can reach patients in remote or difficult-to-reach areas with ease. These benefits make Practo Clone an invaluable tool for providing top quality healthcare service.

The significance of building an app within a budget:

Developing a Practo Clone app could be a major expense for small clinics and startups. Fortunately, telemedicine can still be delivered within a budget. With the right approach, healthcare providers can offer these services to patients without breaking the bank, allowing them to maximize their return on investment while minimizing their financial risk.

Factors affecting the development cost of Practo Clone application

1. The complexity of the features required

The complexity of features requested can directly affect the development cost. For instance, integrating artificial intelligence or machine learning into an app’s development can lead to a significant rise in cost. Therefore, it needs to be taken into consideration when estimating the total budget for a project.

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2. The platform of the app

The cost of app development depends heavily on the platform it is being developed for. Native app development can be more expensive than cross-platform apps, as a dev needs to write code and build an app for each individual platform separately. Cross-platform apps can offer a much more cost-efficient solution, but can come with its own unique set of potential issues.

3. The development team

When determining the cost of a development team, skill level and geographic location have to be taken into consideration. Engaging experienced developers from developed countries can come with a steep price tag, whereas outsourcing the development process to developing countries can lead to more cost-effective solutions.

4. App's design and user interface

The design and user interface of an app can also have an impact on its development costs. While a complex, visually pleasing user interface may require additional time and resources to build, it can sometimes be worth the extra investment. On the other hand, simpler, more functional designs often incur lower development costs.

Tips for creating a Practo Clone app within a budget

Here are some strategies for developing a Practo Clone application within a budget, without compromising on quality or functionality:

Identify essential features

Identifying must-have features is an important step in app development. Healthcare providers should evaluate the core features necessary for online consultations and appointment booking, and take steps to ensure those are included first during the development process. Doing this can help prevent unnecessary costs associated with going beyond the scope of a project.

Opt for a hybrid app development approach

The hybrid app development approach has several advantages over native app development, including cost effectiveness and maintainability. With a hybrid app, developers can write code once and deploy it across multiple platforms. Compared to native apps, they’re easier to update and maintain. These advantages make the hybrid app approach an attractive option for many organizations.

Use cost-effective technologies

Cost-effectiveness is an important factor for developers. To reduce the cost of development, technologies such as open source software and cloud computing can be leveraged. Open-source software gives access to top quality libraries and tools, while cloud computing provides cost-effective hosting solutions that can scale easily. By utilizing these technologies, developers can save money and resources.

Challenges to consider when developing a Practo Clone app

For healthcare providers looking for a cost-effective way to offer virtual consultations and appointment scheduling, developing a Practo Clone app can be an attractive option. But when it comes to development within a budget, there are certain complexities that need to be taken into account. This article outlines the various challenges associated with developing a Practo Clone app within budget and provides strategies to mitigate them.

Partnering with a Reliable Development Team

Having a dependable development team for your Practo Clone application is essential for staying within budget. It’s best to find a firm that specializes in healthcare applications and has notable experience with successful deliveries on budget. You may also want to consider outsourcing your development work to a foreign country, but it’s important to be sure the company you partner with is highly-regarded and skilled at providing quality deliverables.

Prioritize Security and Regulatory Compliance

Security and regulatory compliance can increase development costs, though it is a necessary step in building an app with trustworthiness and reliability. Healthcare providers must take these requirements into account from the start of the development process and factor them into their budget accordingly.


Building a Practo Clone app can be an affordable and viable option for healthcare providers who want to offer their patients the convenience of online consultations and appointment scheduling.

It is important to consider essential features, choose cost-effective technologies, work with a dependable development team, and prioritize security and regulatory compliance as strategies that can help healthcare providers create a high-quality Practo Clone app within their budget.

With careful planning and the right set of tools, healthcare providers can successfully build a Practo Clone app tailored to meet both their financial constraints and patient needs.

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