13 Proven Ways to Acquire Customers For Gojek Clone App

September 7, 2023
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Tired of having an empty Gojek clone app with no riders? Follow these surprisingly simple strategies We’re about to share and watch your customer base zoom faster than your drivers zooming down the street. Let us walk you through 13 tested ways to boost user acquisition that will have your app thriving in no time. Ready? Then keep reading!

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13 Customer Acquisition Strategies That Will Grow Your Gojek Clone App

1. Leverage Social Media Advertising

One of the most cost-effective ways to reach potential users is through Facebook and Instagram ads. Here are a few tips:

  • Run ads targeted to people within your service area based on location. This ensures maximum relevance.

  • Use compelling creative visuals that highlight key benefits like “Fast pickup”, “Affordable rides” etc. Test different creatives.

  • Optimize ads for conversions (installs) initially to boost downloads. Then optimize for engagement (reach, likes, shares).

  • Consider retargeting ads to people who visited your app store listing but didn’t install yet.

  • Measure performance of ads through clicks, installs or other metrics and kill non-performing ads.

  • Run promotional campaigns through Stories and offer discounts to boost trials.

Social media lets you target the right audiences and you only pay when people engage. It’s a win-win!

2. Referral Programs Can Supercharge Growth

Leverage your enthusiastic initial users to spread the word through lucrative referral bonuses. Here are some best practices:

  • Offer ₹100 cashback or free ride to the referrer for every successful referral.

  • Track referrals through unique promo codes or deep links on your website.

  • Send automated thank you messages to existing users when they refer a friend.

  • Reward top referrers each month with gift vouchers or other prizes.

  • Gamify referrals through a leaderboard or badge system to induce competition.

Referral programs are proven to be highly effective as users trust recommendations from friends more than ads. Don’t forget to thank your brand advocates regularly.

3. Launch Promotional Campaigns

Running time-bound promotional campaigns is a smart way to get new users onboard and experience your service. For instance:

  • Flat 50% off on first 3 rides, with cap of ₹100 each.

  • ₹500 cashback for 10 rides within a month.

  • Free pickup & drop for orders above ₹400 from select restaurants.

  • “Super Saver Sunday” – Flat ₹100 rides every Sunday for a quarter.

Such limited-period offers generate a sense of urgency and lower entry barriers. Make sure to remarket promotions consistently via push notifications.

4. Partner with Local Brands for Visibility

Increase visibility by forming beneficial partnerships with:

  • Popular cafes/restaurants – Offer delivery on their behalf for a small commission.

  • Corporate parks – Arrange employee transportation; offer seasonal passes.

  • Hotels/serviced apartments – Manage guest pickups/drop offs from the airport.

  • Stores/malls – Run errands for customers who shop online.

Discuss Packages regular rider discounts, dedicated drivers for branded clothing and promotions through their communication channels. Collaborations help expand your reach exponentially at low costs.

5. Leverage Geo-Targeted Campaigns Smartly

Take advantage of location-based targeting through:

  • Geo-fenced Facebook/Google ads around target neighborhoods during commute hours.

  • Promotions through targeted push notifications to those inside selected regions like “Flat 20% off in West Delhi today only!”.

  • Print ads in local journals or bus/rickshaw wraps focusing your operating areas.

Leverage location data to deliver ads to people already in or near your service area for highest relevance. Test different offers across regions to identify winners.

6. Optimize Your App Listing and Descriptions

Carefully optimize the crucial app listing pages on Play Store and App Store for maximum visibility:

  • Use relevant keywords in the title like “Delhi’s #1 Ride-sharing App” instead of generic “Transport App”.

  • Highlight key USPs and target audience clearly in the long description.

  • Upload high-quality, well-lit screenshots showing the booking process flow.

  • Maintain a 4-star + average rating through timely support.

  • Update listing regularly with new features and service additions.

The app listing is often a user’s first impression. Make sure yours creates intrigue for installs.

7. Influence Key Opinion Leaders

Nothing sells a product better than authentic recommendations. Leverage the reach and credibility of:

  • Local celebs/influencers – Approach those with large local followings in your target region.

  • Bloggers/YouTubers – Those reviewing lifestyle/transportation topics regularly.

  • Community groups – For e.g., within colleges or RWAs.

Send them promo codes and gifts in exchange for honest reviews on social platforms. Their endorsements will go a long way in instilling trust among potential customers.

8. Distribute Branded Collaterals Strategically

Generate awareness by distributing well-designed pamphlets, leaflets and merchandise at:

  • Office complexes and busy commercial areas during peak hours.

  • College campuses and youth hangouts on weekends.

  • Airport/railway stations for passengers in transit.

  • Tech/entrepreneurship conferences and expos.

Have unique, Minimalist designs that are practical to use like tote bags vs cheap, disposable items. This promotes ongoing visibility beyond the initial touchpoint.

9. Leverage Industry Events and Expos

Conferences related to mobility, technology and startups are a goldmine to connect with relevant stakeholders and prospective users face-to-face. Some ideas:

  • Sponsor or exhibit at 2-3 curated local or national events in a year.

  • Setup an attractive booth with engaging staff to capture quality leads.

  • Offer test-rides in your operational city as part of on-ground activations.

  • Leverage speaking slots if possible to present your value proposition.

Event marketing taps into networks not reachable through paid promotions alone.

10. Communication Through Push Notifications

Push notifications provide a powerful real-time channel to reach users on your app. Focus on:

  • Timely and location-based alerts for new services/areas launched.

  • Flash deals and coupons customized based on user preferences.

  • Personalized ride recommendations during peak hours or events.

  • Surveys to understand user pain-points better.

Keep the volume moderate for high engagement rates. Customized messages are proven to be 38% more effective than generic blasts.

11. Analyze App Usage and Retarget

Leverage analytics tools to understand user behavior and retarget:

  • Users who saw your app page but didn’t install yet with follow-up ads.

  • Those who installed but didn’t convert with reminders and nudge offers.

  • Top-using zones/times to replicate success in similar areas.

  • Dropout points to focus retention efforts like feedback surveys.

Retargeting keeps your brand top-of-mind for reconsideration through personalized messages at the right time.

12. Build a Loyalty Rewards Program

User loyalty and repeat usage are crucial for sustaining momentum over time. Develop a robust rewards program:

  • Accrue loyalty points on each ride/order equivalent to 2-5% of the bill value.

  • Allow redemption of points against future rides or items from partner brands.

  • Send birthday/anniversary coupons to loyal customers every year.

  • Recognize top-rated and high-frequency users through leaderboards or gifts.

Gamified loyalty programs increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value substantially through ongoing incentives.

13. Measure and Experiment Relentlessly

Continuous testing and measuring is crucial to refine campaigns and discover hidden growth opportunities:

  • Setup Google Analytics and similar tools to track installs and active users.

  • A/B test creative, copy and offers variables in ads/emails/notifications for lift.

  • Send out periodic surveys to understand campaign effectiveness and user needs better.

  • Analyze metrics like CTR, conversion rates, retention by age-group and so on.

Keep tweaking your approach based on ongoing learnings for maximum ROI from every strategy.

Final Thoughts

That covers the top 13 customer acquisition strategies to help grow your Gojek clone app! We hope you found some ideas to test out. Go implement some of these now and We’ll sure you’ll see great results.

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