12 Checklists That Will Help You Pick Between LetGo Alternatives

February 16, 2024
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When it comes to local mobile marketplaces, LetGo is one of the most well-known and popular apps. However, it’s not the only player in this space. There are several other worthy alternatives that offer similar services for buying and selling locally.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which platform is the best fit for your needs. In this post, we’ll explore 12 crucial checklists to help compare LetGo to its top competitors. By considering factors like fees, payment options, user experience, and more, you’ll be able to identify which apps may work best for your specific goals.

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Checklist #1 - Ease of Use

The ease of use and intuitiveness of an app’s interface can make or break the user experience. Here’s how some platforms compare:


  • Simple photo-based listing creation process
  • Robust search and filtering tools
  • Easy direct messaging between buyers and sellers


  • Similar photo-focused listing process as LetGo
  • Intuitive navigation and organization of listings
  • Advanced search customization options

Facebook Marketplace

  • Listings integrated directly into Facebook profiles
  • Familiar interface for most users
  • Less robust search and filtering than LetGo/OfferUp


  • Text-based listings with fewer photos allowed
  • Basic search and categories
  • Messaging requires sharing phone numbers

In terms of usability, LetGo and OfferUp offer the smoothest mobile experiences overall. Facebook Marketplace leverages an interface many are already accustomed to, while Craigslist has a more pared-back functionality.

Checklist #2 - Available Categories

To attract more potential buyers, platforms need robust categories that allow users to browse listings by type. Here’s a comparison:

LetGo – Household, Appliances, Furniture, Clothing/Accessories, Electronics, Toys/Kids, Sports/Outdoors, Vehicles

OfferUp – Same top-level categories as LetGo

Facebook Marketplace – Home & Garden, Vehicle Parts, Clothing, Electronics, Collectibles, Tickets

Craigslist – Community, Housing, Goods, Services, Gigs, Resumes, Events

Both LetGo and OfferUp have expansive inventory categories tailored for local goods. Facebook Marketplace has fewer options focused more on community/event listings. Craigslist keeps things basic but covers essential areas.

Checklist #3 - Seller Fees

Knowing any listing or transaction fees is crucial for sellers. Here’s a fee comparison:

LetGo – Free to list. No fees of any kind.

OfferUp – Free basic listings. Paid “Boost” option to promote listings for a fee.

Facebook Marketplace – Completely free with no fees.

Craigslist – Totally free with no listing or transaction fees.

All four platforms have very seller-friendly fee structures, with LetGo, Facebook, and Craigslist allowing free postings and transactions. OfferUp is free to list but charges extra for boosted promotion.

Checklist #4 - Local Market Reach/Activity

How populated is each app with users in your local area? Here are some reach estimates:

LetGo – 50-100M global MAU. Very strong presence nearly nationwide in US/Canada.

OfferUp – Over 100M US MAU. Leader on West Coast, competitive in other regions.

Facebook Marketplace – Billions of Facebook users. Potential reach depends on activity in your network.

Craigslist – 50M monthly visitors nationwide. Traffic varies greatly by city size.

LetGo and OfferUp typically offer the most robust local markets. Facebook’s reach depends on your network. Craigslist traffic varies significantly by location. Research activity specific to your city.

Checklist #5 - Bundled Payment Options

Beyond just cash, which payment methods does each platform support directly?:

LetGo – Supports direct bank transfers (ACH). No others.

OfferUp – Offers integrated PayPal option and direct bank transfers.

Facebook Marketplace – Payment handled directly between users offline.

Craigslist – No integrated payment options. Cash only.

OfferUp has the most seller-friendly payment integration by bundling PayPal. LetGo enables bank transfers. Facebook and Craigslist require cash exchanges without assistance.

Checklist #6 - Support & Community Resources

What support channels or online communities are available on each platform?

LetGo – Live in-app chat support. Active community forums for most major cities.

OfferUp – Phone/email support. Few online discussion boards exist.

Facebook Marketplace – Support via Facebook pages. Marketplace group pages locally.

Craigslist – Basic phone support. Large number of city-specific group pages.

LetGo and Craigslist have the most extensive online communities, while LetGo and Facebook offer smoother official support channels directly within the platforms.

Checklist #7 - Security Features

Does the app offer ways to enhance security and safety during transactions?

LetGo – Profile verification, reputation system, escrow for high-value sales.

OfferUp – Profile verification process, reputation scoring of users.

Facebook Marketplace – Leverages Facebook profiles + friend networks.

Craigslist – No built-in security features beyond user discretion.

LetGo and OfferUp have the most robust identity verification and reputation systems. Facebook ties into personal profiles and social connections. Craigslist lacks integration tools for securely facilitating transactions.

Checklist #8 - Target Audience

Which user demographics is each platform best optimized for?

LetGo – Broad appeal but skews younger, especially Millennials and Gen Z.

OfferUp – Similar to LetGo but slightly older user base on average.

Facebook Marketplace – Wide reach depending on your Facebook circles. Most intergenerational.

Craigslist – Still popular for housing but broader selection skews older.

While all aim to be universal, LetGo and OfferUp tailor the experience more for younger audiences. Facebook spans all ages due to social integration. Craigslist retains diehard older fans for niche categories despite its aging interface.

Checklist #9 - Marketing Support

What promotional tools are available to help boost listings?

LetGo – Boosted “highlighting” for a small fee. No other promoted ad spots.

OfferUp – Paid boosting to place listings at top for 30 mins. Promoted share/ad options.

Facebook Marketplace – Organic sharing to friends & groups. No paid promotion methods.

Craigslist – No built-in promotional features beyond shareable URL/post targeting.

OfferUp provides the most seller-friendly promoted ad potential, while LetGo and Facebook rely on viral sharing. Craigslist doesn’t support any paid marketing.

Checklist #10 - Mobile App Ratings

How do user reviews and ratings compare across apps?

LetGo – 4.4/5 stars on Android, 4.2/5 on iOS based on 300K+ reviews

OfferUp – 4.3/5 stars on Android, 4.1/5 on iOS from 1M+ reviews

Facebook Marketplace – 3.8/5 stars on Android, 3.7/5 on iOS from 200K reviews

Craigslist – No dedicated app, but site functionality lags mobile adaptations.

LetGo and OfferUp consistently receive top marks from users, reflecting polished mobile-optimized experiences. Facebook Marketplace scores lower due to bugs and issues adapting to mobile. Craigslist can’t compete on the go.

Checklist #11 - Desktop Website Availability

Do these platforms provide full-featured websites in addition to mobile apps?

LetGo – Fully-functional responsive website mirrors all app capabilities.

OfferUp – Responsive site closely replicates the app experience online.

Facebook Marketplace – Desktop site has limited filters/search versus the app.

Craigslist – Desktop-optimized classifieds site is their flagship platform.

LetGo, OfferUp and Craigslist all maintain robust mobile and desktop experiences. Facebook limits full capabilities to their mobile app compared to a barebones site. Craigslist’s site is best for desktop browsing.

Checklist #12 - New User Promotions

What types of signup bonuses or incentives do platforms provide?

LetGo – Regular coupon codes for verified listings/exposure boosts.

OfferUp – Occasional coupon codes for paid exposure/seller tools.

Facebook Marketplace – Integrated into Facebook, so no standalone promotions.

Craigslist – No formal signup bonuses or limited-time discounts.

LetGo most frequently rotates coupon-based promotions to acquire new users. OfferUp provides limited coupons.

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After exploring these 12 crucial checklists, some clear leaders emerge among the options for local mobile marketplaces.

LetGo stands out for its beautifully simple yet powerful mobile app experience, wide reach nationwide, and regular promotions supporting new sellers. The lack of integrated payments is its main drawback.

OfferUp is quite similar to LetGo overall but has a few advantages like built-in PayPal and better promoted listing tools. Its user base seems to skew slightly older on average as well.

Facebook Marketplace has unmatched potential reach due to leveraging existing social graphs. However, the experience lacks polish compared to the top two dedicated marketplace apps. Security also depends more on personal profiles/networks.

Craigslist continues serving niche long-tail categories well with a huge classifieds traffic base. But it clearly shows its age versus sleeker mobile-first rivals, lacks onboarding support, and offers no payment/marketing features.

If I were choosing today based on these factors, LetGo would get my vote as the top overall local marketplace option. However, OfferUp is a close second and may surpass LetGo as it continues optimizing. Both LetGo and OfferUp provide the smoothest mobile-focused experiences for buyers and sellers alongside large local user pools.

Location will still play a big role in determining the most active app in your specific city or region. Be sure to check activity directly for your market. There’s also nothing wrong with listing items on multiple platforms to maximize exposure. As these markets evolve rapidly, new challengers will emerge as well. But for now, LetGo and OfferUp are the recommended go-tos based on these 12 crucial checklists for comparing top LetGo alternatives.

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