10 Tips to Use a Space Rental Script to Increase Online Bookings

September 5, 2023
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Have you noticed bookings plateauing lately? A space rental script can give your business a boost. Properly optimized, a script increases online visibility and converts more leads according tools like Rezdy. This article shares our top 10 tips to leverage all the tools in your script and start filling more of those empty slots!

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10 Ways to Increase Online Bookings with a Space Rental Script

Tip 1: Optimize your listing pages and calendar

The first impression counts, so make sure your listing pages and calendar are polished and appetizing. Visitors should know immediately if you have what they need.

When optimizing your listings, keep these points in mind:

  • Images: Use large, high-resolution photos that really showcase your space. People are visual – grab attention with photos.

  • Descriptions: Give a vivid sense of the space through well-written descriptions. Describe amenities, capacity, features. Consider bullet points for quick scanning.

  • Pricing details: Be fully transparent on prices, eligible dates, and any additional fees up front. Use a clearly formatted pricing table.

  • Calendar interface: The calendar should be easy to read at a glance. Opt for a color-coded design so available dates pop. Allow clicking through to booking pages with one click.

  • Extras: Include user reviews snippets if available. Highlight any special offers or popular booking slots. Use eye-catching headings, buttons for next steps.

Remember – these pages may only have seconds to convince! Test your listings on mobile too. Ask outsiders to review for clarity. An optimized presentation conveys credibility and gets people booking in no time.

Tip 2: Enable instant booking if possible

When it comes to maximizing your bookings, ease and convenience are king. Your potential customers are busy people and the simpler you make it to book, the more likely a browsing visitor becomes a paying client.

Enabling instant booking allows guests to secure dates with just one click, rather than filling out multi-page forms. This impulse element can really boost your confirmed reservations.

According to studies, up to 30% more bookings will be made via instant booking than traditional multi-step processes. People appreciate not having to enter personal details if they’re not 100% sure yet.

Instant BookingTraditional Booking
One click – done!Fill out forms
No commitment neededMay lose guests mid-form
Encourages impulse bookingExtra steps reduce conversions

Some tips to get the most from instant booking:

  • Only offer it for automatic, standard reservations
  • Specify any requirements/deposits up front
  • Allow pre-approval for regular customers
  • Promote it on your calendar pages

Instant booking removes barriers. So simplify the experience and watch qualified leads turn into paying guests at the click of a button.

Tip 3: Promote special offers and last-minute deals

You’ve got inventory to fill, so why not sweeten the deal for customers with strategic discounts? Well-placed promos can drive bookings from bargain hunters and last-minute planners.

Target the right audiences

  • Last-minute travelers: Highlight upcoming available dates with a “Late Availability” tag or banner. The urgency captures wanderlust shoppers.

  • Groups: Seasonal or weekend package deals incentivize larger bookings that fill more rooms/space at once.

  • Return customers: Loyalty programs with tiered savings reward repeat business.

Promotional best practices

  • Place offers prominently on your homepage and listing pages.

  • Use compelling limited-time messaging like “50% Off This Weekend!”

  • Clarify all terms and blackout dates to manage expectations.

  • Back up discounts with excellent customer service so people feel value.

  • Analyze results to refine your audience targeting over time.

True discounts respond to demand signals and show value. Savvy promotions profit both your guests and business in the long run.

Tip 4: Offer multiple booking horizons

People plan their trips in different ways – some like to schedule far out while others make spontaneous decisions. By providing booking flexibility, you attract varied clientele.

Advance ReservationsLast-Minute Bookings
Up to 6 months in advanceWithin 2 weeks of stay

Add these horizons:

  • Advance: Entice annual events and groups needing long lead times. Offer early bird discounts.

  • Peak: Open bookings 2-3 months out for popular periods. Spread out larger reservations.

  • Shoulder: 1-6 weeks ahead stays. Lower rates may fill gaps between peak seasons.

  • Last minute: Even 2-3 days ahead offers hope for empty spaces. Lure with deals.

Promote each horizon through:

  • Dedicated booking calendars
  • Customized marketing messages
  • Accommodating cancellation policies

By addressing various lifestyles, you maximize revenue potential year-round. Flexibility also lets you socially distance multiphase re-openings effectively as guidelines change.

Tip 5: Integrate with 3rd party sites

To capture customers wherever they search online, integrate your calendar and availability with major booking sites. It eliminates extra steps and puts your space in front of a huge audience.

Top Distribution Channels

  • Online travel agencies: Sites like Booking.com and Expedia drive global traffic. Paid inclusion gets more eyeballs.

  • Activity marketplaces: Like Airbnb, if you rent unique spaces for events. Their network scales your potential.

  • Search engines: Connect calendar to Google and Bing so last-minute local searches find you fast.

Seamless Syncing is Key

  • Use a channel manager like Channel Manager to easily connect sites.

  • Choose a sync frequency like daily uploads to keep third parties current.

  • Automate cancellations and modifications on your end for a seamless customer experience.

Multi-channel distribution improves visibility and allows flexibility if you’ve major availability changes. Integrations attract global customers while reducing the marketing workload for you.

Tip 6: Provide easy cancellation policies

You want customers to feel comfortable committing to your space without worrying about non-refundable rates. Easing cancellation fears goes a long way in sealing more bookings.

  • Offer a generously timed free cancellation window like 30 days prior. This gives guests wiggle room if plans change last minute.

  • For closer bookings, a partial refund scale like 50% back up to a week before arrival still softens the blow of any changes.

  • Clearly spell out the policy on your website and remind guests via email before their stay. Lack of transparency causes disputes.

  • Consider a cancellation waiver for an added small fee that allows full refunds regardless of when cancellation occurs. This buys you insurance too.

  • Automate your policy in your booking software so it’s applied consistently and you stay compliant.

Flexible policies recognize that unexpected events happen. Customers feel secure in their purchase, and you retain goodwill that leads to repeat and referral business down the line. A little flexibility gains you more in the long run.

Tip 7: Optimize your contact form

Not every guest is ready to book on the spot. Ensure your contact form smoothly guides interested browsers into your sales funnel.

Streamline the Form fields

  • Only ask for essential details like name, email, dates and number of guests initially.

  • Provide clear labels and field types (e.g. dates as calendars) to avoid confusion or errors.

  • Offer pre-filled options where possible (e.g. popular dates).

Dates NeededCalendar

Incentivize Submissions

  • Add a prompt like “Get an instant quote” to entice contact.

  • Automatically send a confirmation and follow-up email to continue engagement.

  • Link to popular pages like FAQs to convert browsing traffic.

  • Track form conversions to optimize field order, validation and marketing messages over time.

A finely-tuned contact form represents the first sales step. Prioritize user-friendliness to move people seamlessly into booking discussions.

Tip 8: Leverage customer reviews

When choosing a new venue or accommodation, glowing reviews from past customers are incredibly influential. Strategically collecting and showcasing feedback can boost your popularity and bookings.

Request Reviews

  • Reach out to recent guests via email requesting their honest review.

  • Incentivize with discounts if they take the time to post publicly.

  • Ask targeted questions to highlight your best qualities in replies.

Publicly Share Reviews

  • Embed reviews from Google and Facebook directly onto your site.

  • Create a testimonials page collecting quotes over time:

“The space was gorgeous – great for our event!”
“Such an amazing location and host. We’ll be back!”

  • Market higher ratings on your listings too. People gravitate towards properly vetted options.

Respond to Reviews

  • Thank all reviewers personally with a reply.

  • Reply publicly as well to address any issues professionally and show commitment to service.

Honest customer validation is the strongest social proof that will lead many more qualified guests straight to your booking pages.

Tip 9: Consider upselling compatible services

One of the best ways to boost revenue per booking is to offer related services and products that complement your main rental offerings. Upselling is a great tool for extracting more value from each customer interaction.

Some upselling ideas to consider:

  • Bundle extra amenities like parking, wi-fi access, cleaning services into booking packages at a discounted rate. Customers are more likely to add optional extras if they feel like they’re getting a deal.

  • Suggest event packages that include items regularly needed for certain booking types. For example, offer meeting packages that bundle a conference room with coffee/tea service and notetaking materials. Or wedding packages that include onsite coordination.

  • Promote à la carte services like catering, setup/tear down assistance, equipment rentals that can be added piecemeal to any booking as needed. Upsell these individually during the booking process and on invoices.

  • Offer convenience addons like early or late access that appeal to people booking last minute. Market these near the checkout to capitalize on impulse spending tendencies.

The key is to make your upsells directly relevant and of clear value to each customer’s specific booking needs. Test different bundles and bundles to see which resonate best and move the sales needle.

Tip 10: Analyze your metrics

To continuously improve performance, it’s important to regularly analyze booking and customer metrics from your space rental platform or booking system. Some key data points to track include:

MetricWhat it Reveals
Booking volumesPeak periods, seasonal trends to staff for
Average booking sizeEffectiveness of upsells and packages
Cancellation ratesPotential issues with calendar accuracy or policies
Response timesCustomer service levels to online inquiries
Top booking sourcesWhere to focus future marketing efforts
Customer reviewsStrengths and weaknesses to address

By digging into this kind of information, you can identify what’s working well and opportunities for optimization. Some actions to take based on insights include:

  • Adjust calendar availability, pricing or policies
  • Refine marketing messages, targeting and channels
  • Improve listing accuracy and booking/payment processes
  • Address any customer experience issues
  • Retest new strategies, bundles or services

Continually testing and refining tactics based on measurable results will keep your space rental business performing at its best over time.


Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take your rental business to the next level, implementing an online space rental script can make a big difference.

With some strategic planning and smart use of technology, you’ll be on your way to increased bookings and revenue growth.

The tips outlined here are a great starting point, so start leveraging the power of the web today to accelerate your rentals!

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