10 Reasons Why You Should Build a Bolt Clone App

August 2, 2023
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The ride-hailing industry has exploded in popularity in recent years, with companies like Uber, Lyft and Bolt becoming household names. These on-demand taxi apps have changed urban transportation and provide tremendous opportunities for new startups looking to enter this space.

One proven way to build your own ride-hailing business is to develop a Customizable Bolt clone solution. In this comprehensive guide, we will look at what exactly a Bolt clone is, the major reasons why you should build one, as well as pros and cons of using a ready-made clone app solution.

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What is a Bolt Clone App?

A Bolt clone app allows you to create your own version of the popular Estonian ride-hailing app Bolt. It provides the same core features and functionality as the original Bolt app, while letting you brand it with your own logo, name, color theme etc.

Some key aspects of a Bolt clone app:

  • On-demand taxi booking – Passengers can book rides with nearby drivers using the app.
  • Driver management – Admin panel to onboard, manage, track and pay drivers.
  • Digital payments – Cashless transactions via credit cards, e-wallets or other payment gateways.
  • Tracking – Real-time GPS tracking of drivers and route for passengers.
  • Ratings & reviews – Ability to rate drivers and trips for quality control.
  • Notifications & chat – In-app notifications and chat options between drivers and riders.
  • Admin dashboard – To monitor key metrics and manage the overall workflow.

By building your app on Bolt’s successful business model, you can save significant time and effort compared to developing a taxi app from scratch. Customizing the clone to your brand provides a proven foundation to quickly establish your presence in the lucrative ride-hailing market.

10 Benefits of Building Your Own Bolt Clone App

Let’s look at the top 10 reasons why you should invest in building your own version of Bolt’s ride-hailing app:

1. Established and Profitable Business Model

Bolt has an established track record of growth, raising over $200 million in funding and achieving profitability in several markets. By replicating their successful model, you can save years of effort compared to trying unproven app ideas. Their model is optimized for customer experience and driver retention.

2. Large Market Demand and Opportunities

The global ride-hailing market is projected to grow to $218 billion by 2025 according to Statista. Urban consumers have clearly embraced e-hailing services in a big way. Building your own Bolt clone lets you tap into this high demand locally or internationally.

3. Low Overhead and Operating Costs

Unlike traditional taxi companies, ride-hailing apps have very low infrastructure and asset ownership costs. You don’t need to own a large fleet of cars. This translates to higher margins and less financial risk. Easy scalability with the asset-light clone model makes it highly attractive for startups.

4. Easy To Setup and Launch

With a ready Bolt clone solution, you can launch your own branded app within weeks rather than months. No need for long development and testing cycles. Ongoing maintenance costs are also low compared to in-house developed apps.

5. Scalable and Customizable

Starting with just a small fleet of drivers, you can scale up fast based on demand. The clone app can also be customized to your specific market needs, adding features like restaurants, deliveries etc. This flexibility helps expand your business offerings.

6. Recurring Revenue Generation

Unlike one-time software purchases, a ride-hailing app provides continuous revenue from every ride. As your customer base grows, profits can scale proportionally. Additional revenue streams like promotions and advertising also boost earnings.

7. Utilize Latest Technologies

A Bolt clone leverages the latest technologies like GPS, digital payments, push notifications etc. to provide a seamless user experience. Passengers can book rides quickly and track drivers in real-time. No need to reinvent these features.

8. Solve Transportation Problems Locally

Developing markets often lack adequate public transport. A ride-hailing service can help fill this void providing affordable “on-demand” transportation. Your Bolt clone can help solve urban mobility issues in your city or country.

9. Create Income Opportunities for Drivers

The clone app creates earning opportunities for drivers by connecting them to potential riders. It allows underutilized assets like private cars to be monetized during free time. This provides a flexible source of income for drivers.

10. Branding and Promotion Opportunities

By putting your brand name on the app, you can build visibility and mindshare locally. Effective marketing campaigns can establish your ride-hailing app as a preferred transportation option. Unique value propositions can boost adoption.

In summary, a Bolt clone app provides a proven platform to build a successful taxi business catering to booming market demand. The combination of low costs and high scalability make it very attractive for aspiring entrepreneurs.

The Pros and Cons of Ready-Made Bolt Clone Apps

While developing a Bolt clone in-house can be complex and expensive, opting for a ready-made clone solution offers some major advantages:

The Pros of Ready-Made Clone Apps

Saves Time and Development Costs

Getting a market-ready clone app within weeks allows you to launch faster instead of building from scratch. This significantly reduces the time and costs involved.

Proven Technology and Features

The clone is built on established code and features refined over years. This enables a stable app with fewer bugs and failures.

Quickly Enter the Market

With a ready app, you can start acquiring drivers and riders to establish your presence rather than lagging behind rivals.

Access to Updates and Support

Reputable clone providers give ongoing access to new features and technology upgrades. You also get technical support for maintenance.

Focus on Operations and Marketing

The clone handles the technology while you focus on operational aspects like driver onboarding, customer support and marketing.

However, there are also some limitations to consider:

The Cons of Ready-Made Clone Apps

Less Customization Flexibility

While you can rebrand and configure the clone, the core features are largely fixed. Ability to add niche features can be limited.

Limited Control Over Technology

As you are not the developer, you have less control and dependence on the clone provider for updates and fixes.

Still Need Marketing and Operational Effort

The clone app alone will not make the business succeed. You need strong operational execution and marketing to attract users.

Recurring Licensing Fees

Ready clones often require monthly/annual licensing fees unlike a one-time purchase. This increases your operating expenses.

Security and Compliance Considerations

You need to ensure sufficient data security, encryptions and compliance measures are in place in the cloned app.

So in summary, ready-made Bolt clones offer faster go-to-market and lower costs, but less customization capability. Striking the right balance depends on your budget, technical skills and launch timelines.

Final Thoughts

Developing your own branded ride-hailing app based on Bolt’s successful business model offers an excellent way to tap into the growing on-demand urban transportation market.

A ready-made Bolt clone solution provides a proven platform to quickly launch your business without extensive development costs and risks. You can focus on operations, marketing and expansion rather than technology.

By offering a quality service meeting urban commuting needs, you can build a recognizable brand and capture market share from this lucrative opportunity. However, successful execution requires the right strategy and resources for customer acquisition, driver management and day-to-day operations in addition to the technology.


Some key features riders expect are ride booking, driver tracking, digital payments, ride history and support. For drivers, features like earnings tracking, receiving bookings and payouts are essential. Admin panels help manage both sides.

A custom-developed clone app can cost $25,000 to $50,000+. Ready clone solutions reduce this significantly to around $5,000 to $15,000 with much faster launch times.

Yes, ready-made clones allow applying your branding and colors. Certain features like payment gateways can also be configured. But core features remain largely fixed.

Digital marketing across social media, search ads and email is essential. Referral programs for existing users also help growth. Strategic promo offers and partnerships can aid adoption.

Proper licensing as a transport provider, driver verification processes, insurance coverage, safety and data privacy policies need to be ensured for legal compliance. Local regulations vary.

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