10 Reasons Why Including Numbers in Your Domain Makes Sense

September 11, 2023
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‌Do you ever find yourself trying to think of a clever domain name for your website? You want something‍ that’s easy to remember, but‍ also catchy ‌and contains a keyword or two about⁢ what your website ⁤is about. ⁤

Well, have ⁢you ever thought about including numbers in your domain? Believe it ⁣or not, ⁣there‌ are some really good reasons as to why numbers‌ in a domain ⁣name can‌ be beneficial. Read on‌ to learn 10 reasons why including numbers in your domain makes sense.

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  • Memorable: Numbers are often⁣ easier to remember than words. Depending on your‍ industry, having a number in⁣ your‌ domain name can make it more ⁣recognizable and easier for your⁣ customer to remember.
  • Brand Preservation: With a numerical domain, you can easily keep your brand name intact. You ‍can maintain your brand name in different languages and regions without having to create long or complex words that may not fit into the domain name.
  • Options: It’s ⁣easier to find an available domain name with a number than a domain without one. Sometimes the words you need for making your domain active might⁣ already be taken, but ‌there’s still ⁤a chance that ‌the combination with a number might be free.
  • Distinctive: Numbers make the domain name stand out since it’s not a traditional word-based ‍domain. This can help you stand⁤ out from the competition and even be ⁤used⁣ for branding your business.
  • Availability: With a numerical domain, you⁣ are more likely to find an available domain compared to potential words that have already ⁢been taken by other businesses.
  • Multi-Lingual: Numbers are the same in all languages so if you’re⁤ targeting a global market, the domain will always be easy for all customers to access regardless of ⁤language.
  • Savings: You can save money with a numerical‌ domain as they are usually cheaper than traditional domains‌ due⁤ to their association with spam.
  • Flexibility: Numerical domains are much more flexible than traditional ‌domains in terms of their usage and renewal periods.

2. Evaluating the Pros & Cons of Domain Names With Numbers

2. Evaluating the Pros & Cons of Domain Names With‍ Numbers

  • Shorter‌ Name: While numbers can’t ‍replace all the letters in a domain name, they⁤ can replace some words, making the name⁤ shorter in total. This can ‌be especially useful when inventing‌ brand names, since a‍ shorter-length domain is easier ⁢to type and to remember.
  • Unique and Different: Including numbers in domains makes them stand out from the crowd. If the ⁢name is already trademarked or taken, numbers can be a‌ useful way to differentiate the ⁣brand, without transforming it.
  • Establish Novelty: Identifying an element of novelty in a‌ domain name is key.⁢ Using numbers to make a brand name more creative and unique can prove invaluable.
  • Cost: Sometimes, number-based domains are‍ cheaper than their ⁣non-numeric versions. This is because domains including numbers ‌are not as popular and sought-after, so there is ‍less ⁣of a competition ⁣when purchasing these domains.
  • Accessibility: Similarly, including numbers in the domain also increases its ‍accessibility⁣ since it⁤ makes it easier to remember.
  • Accentuating Keywords: Numbers can be used ⁤to emphasize key words in a domain. For example, a company named ‘Gear Store’ ‍could ⁢buy a domain called ‘GearStore4U’ to show that ‘4U’ ‌stands for ‘for you’.
  • Restricted Trademarks: If‌ you‌ can’t⁤ trademark ⁣a name, use numbers in the domain as⁤ a workaround. This cannot be substituted for an actual trademark, but ‌can usually pass in a pinch.
  • Design: Letters and numbers⁣ can be used‍ together to create interesting ⁢designs. These designs may not be obvious‍ or significant to an ‌outsider, but⁣ can be⁢ effective in helping to create a brand identity.
  • NUMBER iD: If a ⁢better domain name has numbers and letters, create a separate iD based off ‍these numbers. This can help in the event that either the letters⁣ or numbers become blocked or disrupted in any way.
  • Bonus⁣ points: ‌Adding numbers to your domain name adds bonus points in terms ⁢of SEO. It’s a great opportunity to use the ⁤keywords in a unique way, so it’s wise⁣ to consider if the numbers in the domain name ‌could be that magical advantage‍ in improving your ⁣online presence.

Domain names with numbers can be a great way to spice up‌ a plain name and give it ⁤a new feel. Those numbers might ‌not ⁤seem too important at a glance, but they can open a range of possibilities when it ‌comes to branding and SEO. Here are 10 reasons why including numbers in your domain makes ⁢sense:
3. ⁤How‍ To Avoid Potential Problems With Domain‌ Names‌ With⁣ Numbers

3. How To Avoid Potential Problems With Domain Names With‌ Numbers

Identifying Your‌ Brand Easily

  • Using numbers in a domain name helps to distinguish it from other⁤ similar ones, allowing your brand to be easily identified.
  • The inclusion of numbers in⁣ a⁣ domain name⁤ also‌ makes it ⁢easier‍ for customers, clients and business partners to remember it.

Adding a Unique Feel to⁢ Your Brand

  • Numbers are a ⁤quick⁤ and easy way of making your domain literally stand out from the crowd.
  • Adding a number to your domain is a great way to catch someone’s attention and to give your website a unique feel.

Avoiding Name Conflicts

  • If a domain name without numbers is already taken, using a number⁢ can help to differentiate it and make it available.
  • Including a ‍number can help to avoid potential conflicts with similar domains.

Giving Extra Information

  • A domain name with numbers can ⁣convey extra information about your web page. For example, it could show how many products or services you offer, or how long⁣ you have been in‌ business.
  • Choosing a domain name containing numbers is your chance to tell potential customers something about your company.

4. Benefits of Having Unique Numerical Domain Names


Adding numbers in a domain name ⁤helps break the feeling of monotony while also increasing the chances for users to recall and remember your website. With an eye-catching combination of numerical entities, visitors can easily ⁤remember the exact address of your website.


By adding numbers in a domain name, ⁣website owners ⁢can make ‌the structure‌ of their⁢ website comprehensible for web visitors without any confusion. This unique approach of specifying⁤ a‌ web page with numbers can quintuple your website’s visibility. ⁣


Including a numerical representation in a domain name‌ can be very useful for online companies⁣ and large organizations⁢ to represent unique components of their brand.‍ Using numbers to represent ‌the brand identity in a topical domain name adds a ⁢sense‌ of professionalism to the website.

  • For example, TeaLance.com could include ‘23’ as its numerical component to signify ‘tea’ and ‘lance’.

Explore uncharted digital territories

Adding numbers⁢ in domain names allows you to explore untapped naming ‍areas of the web. This also opens new possibilities of website addresses with potential⁣ for a successful website.

  • For example, a website on ⁤online debates ‘think-debate.com’ could add number ‘4’ as ‘Think4Debate.com’.

5. Enhancing Online​ Visibility: How ⁣Numbers Can Help Your Domain

5. Enhancing Online Visibility: How Numbers Can Help ⁤Your Domain

1) Numbers Keep‍ It Simple: Using numbers makes deciphering ⁣and typing in domains much simpler as compared to remembering and spelling complicated words.

2) Stand Out In A Crowd: Especially useful⁢ if your company name⁤ words are common, using numbers⁢ can make your company name unique. For example, a ‍name like ‘ABC Technologies’ can be adapted to ‘ABCTech25’

3) Numbers ⁣Help You Grab Attention: Numbers make a domain‌ name more exciting and eye-catching. Simple letters no matter how creative ⁣they are, don’t have the same attention-grabbing ability.

4) Short & Sweet Is The Key: ⁢Combining numbers with ⁢words help you keep your domain name short and sweet, which is an added advantage when⁤ it⁣ comes to domain names. For instance, ‘GoodTechCompany’, can become ‘GoodTechCo17’

5) ⁣Numbers Are Memorable: A domain name with a number at the end makes ⁤it easier to remember as⁤ compared to a‍ normal mix of⁢ words and letters.

6) Provoke Inquiry: Adding mathematical symbols to the domain name can be visually appealing and can‌ get potential customers more curious about your domain.

7) Increase Your Credibility: A domain name with strategically places numbers can increase the validity of the ‌name that you’re using.

8) Get Creative & Unique: Combining multiple words and numbers together can not only ⁣help⁢ you make your domain ‌stand out from the crowd, but it⁤ gives you the opportunity to⁤ be‍ creative and come up with something really unique.

9) Time⁤ and Cost Saving: Taking⁢ into account the growing⁢ price for domain names, combining words and⁢ numbers to make a unique domain name can not only increase your ⁤visibility, but it can also save you time and money.

10) Outlive Trends: Having⁤ numbers in your domain name can make sure that you don’t go out of style. Your domain name ⁢can outlast ‍any trend.

6. Standing Out From the Competition Using Domains With Numbers

6. Standing Out From the Competition Using Domains With Numbers

Exact ⁣Brand Match: When it comes to⁢ domains, adding numerical ⁢digits can be a great way to make sure your brand is an exact match. Numerical digits enable⁢ you to be creative and come up with unique⁢ domain names that exactly match⁢ your brand name ⁤or the product or service⁤ that you are marketing. Furthermore, these numbers ‍can be used to‌ differentiate your domain⁤ from⁣ your competitors’ domains and make it easier for your web visitors ‍to find your‍ website.

Stand Out: Including numbers in your ⁤domain helps you stand out from the‌ competition. It becomes easier for customers to remember your unique website⁤ domain if you include digits within the domain itself (e.g. www.example12.com). This also makes it easier for customers to ⁢find your website by including search terms within the domain itself.

Establish Credibility: Using numerical digits in your domain name ⁣can help ⁢establish your ‍credibility. Customers ‍are more ⁢likely to remember your website if the‌ domain name includes ‍numbers,⁢ which could help give customers an impression‌ that ‌your business is trustworthy.

Competitive Advantage: Including numerical digits in your domain can give you a competitive advantage as well. ⁤Your competitors ‍may not be using these numbers ⁢in their domain, and this gives you the opportunity to make your domain stand out from‌ the competition and capture more customers.

  • Simplicity: Adding numbers to your domain name can make it more simple, since it’s easier to remember and type.
  • Searchability: Including numerical digits in your domain may help your ‌website get discovered more easily, as people ‌tend to include⁤ search‍ terms with numbers in them.
  • Flexibility: ⁣ Using⁢ numerical digits also gives you the flexibility to use various domain extensions ⁣and create different versions of your domain name.
  • Uniqueness: Adding numbers to your domain name makes it ‌more unique, allowing customers to easily remember your domain.
  • Organizational ⁣Benefits: ‌ Finally,⁣ adding⁤ numbers⁣ to your domain also helps you ⁢organize and categorize the⁤ content of your website.

7. Increasing the​ Relevance of‌ Your Domain Name ⁣With Numbers

7. Increasing the Relevance of Your Domain Name With Numbers

  • More⁤ precise – ⁢Adding numbers as part of your domain name makes it more precise ⁢and easier to remember.⁣ It clearly captures the message you want to convey and makes‍ the URL simpler.⁢ This ⁢helps boost the visibility of the website or online business ‌in the long run.
  • Cost effective – Most domains with numbers are cheaper to register when compared to ones without.‌ This helps you save time, effort and ⁣money since you‌ don’t⁣ have to spend‌ extra registering a⁣ domain separate from‍ the numbers.⁤
  • Fits the mission – Domains that include numbers‌ often reflect⁣ the mission and character of a business. For instance, if ⁢you own an event planning company, 4UEvents.com would be an amazing name.
  • Easier to remember – Domains with ⁢numbers are often more memorable than names without. They make‌ it easier for‌ customers to recall ⁢your website ‍or online⁣ business and come back again.
  • Attention-grabbing – Including numbers in your‍ domain name helps you ‍stand out from the crowd, making your website ‍or online business more noticeable amongst competitors.
  • More persuasive – Adding numbers to your domain is a great way to generate interest and grab people’s ‍attention. This makes it‍ easier to impart your message⁢ and persuade customers ‍to engage with your website‍ or online business.
  • Secure ‍URLs – Number-included domain ⁣names are more secure; making it‍ difficult for scammers to forge a convincing and malicious⁤ copy of your domain.
  • Uniqueness – Domains⁢ with numbers ⁣sound unique and are less ⁢likely to be mistaken for any existing ones. This‌ prevents customers from visiting the wrong website or ⁣online business.
  • May be exclusive – Include numbers in your domain name and you might be lucky to grab one exclusive ⁢name that has not yet been registered.
  • May Have Meaning – Furthermore, depending on the numbers used, they may have a special ‍meaning and carry ⁢symbolic value to the website or online business.

For businesses, giving their websites ⁢and online stores domains with numbers is⁣ a great way to make their URLs ⁣more precise, memorable and secure. Plus, they are cost effective and a great way to get noticed by potential customers.⁢ Moreover, they might even be exclusive, meaning⁤ you ‍can grab an amazing domain⁢ name that no one ⁣has yet to use.

Lastly, the numbers used ⁢in the domain name may ⁢even have a special meaning or ⁢an interesting story to tell, which can add⁤ an extra touch to the website or online business.

Not to mention, having domains with numbers are also extremely helpful when it comes to SEO. They provide a clear message to search engines‍ about the content on the website, which can help you⁢ achieve a higher rank and ⁣greater visibility in search results. ⁢

Overall, including numbers in your domain name makes a lot of sense. It provides a unique identity, attracts ⁣more customers, and boosts web presence.⁤ So if you’re looking⁢ to stand out from the ‍competition, investing in a domain name with numbers⁢ can be a great way to do⁢ so.

8. Building ‌Trust With Your Audience By Using Numerical Domain Names

It ⁤is quite common for businesses to have numerical domain names, and many businesses find that they bring greater success when utilized in the right way. Here are 10 reasons ⁤why including a number in your domain makes sense:

  • Increased Recall – Numerical⁢ domains are simpler⁤ to remember and repeat. This can make it easier for⁤ customers to find your ⁣business during⁣ searches.
  • Uniqueness – Integrating numeric elements ⁣of a domain name can make your business ‌stand out on ⁢the web.
  • Lower Cost – Unlike some of‍ the‌ more creative domains⁤ out there, numerical ⁤versions are ⁢often more affordable.
  • No Legally Protected Numbers – Unlike words, numerical ⁣domain names ‌are not protected by ‍a‍ trademark which helps ⁢to avoid copyright ‍issues.
  • Compact – Numerical domain names are often shorter and more ⁢concise, making‌ them more efficient for coding.
  • Easy ‌to ⁣Incorporate – Integrating numerical elements of⁣ a ‌domain⁣ name into marketing designs is relatively ‍easy.
  • Exclusivity – ‍Common words that people would think to use as domain ⁣names are often taken. ⁢Using numbers can make it easier‍ to get the domain you need.
  • Longer Storage Options – Storing⁣ numerical domain names is simpler as you do not need to worry ⁢about expiring ‌words or phrases.
  • Analytics – Incorporating numerical⁢ domains⁢ can‌ help ⁤to track events or milestones for shared services or programs.
  • Increased Credibility – Customers tend to view businesses with⁣ numerical domain names more favorably as opposed to just word-based.

Including ‍numerical elements in domains is an effective way to boost your online trust. Most numerical domain names are more⁢ affordable than‌ their word-based counterparts, ‌and are more remembered.

Overall, ⁣numerical⁤ domain names are an effective way of increasing recognition for your⁤ business. You can make use of these to help⁣ spread⁢ the word and convey your‍ message through an easily identifiable numerical domain.

9. Creatively Utilizing Numbers in Domain Names

9. ⁢Creatively Utilizing Numbers in Domain Names

Creative Branding: Using numbers ⁣in your⁣ domain can be used ⁤to create unique and memorable URLs. Instead of⁤ just your ‍business⁤ name, including a number makes it easier for people to remember and makes ‍it stand out. For example, Sydney ⁢Designs⁤ 123 instead of Sydney‌ Designs.

Vacant ⁣Domains: Domain⁣ availability is slim pickings these days and when you need ⁣to register a⁢ domain, incorporating⁤ a number could⁣ be just the way to make it both unique and available. Your odds of being able to snag the perfect domain can be greatly improved by using numbers.

Clear⁣ &‌ Concise: ⁢ Often, businesses become overly creative with their domain names,⁢ leaving visitors confused and unsure what the page is all about. Including a number can reduce the guesswork and make it easier to inform⁢ potential ‍visitors what they’ll find on the‍ website.

Show That You’re Up-to-Date: By including a number in your domain, it’s a quick way to show that you’re up-to-date and modern. This is especially helpful in industries which may be⁣ seen as more traditional, like accounting ‍or finance.

  • Prominently‌ display key information like phone numbers and addresses
  • Generate innovative & catchy URLs and web addresses
  • Make use of numbers to create a memorable domain name
  • Simplify website instructions and explanations
  • Ensure domain availability in a crowded ‌landscape
  • Set you apart‌ from the competition with unique ‍branding
  • Make it‌ easier for customers to remember your domain
  • Utilize call-to-action phrases or slogans in⁢ web addresses
  • Promote‌ a service or product you provide with⁢ numbers
  • Help visitors determine your website’s‌ content more easily

10. Choosing‌ and Protecting the Right Domain With Numbers

Versatile – Adding numbers to your domain gives it more versatility as customers can view⁢ it quickly⁢ and easily. Plus, if you ever decide to move domains, you don’t have to completely ⁣change the name; you‍ just have to change the numbers.⁣

Branding – Numerical ‌domains are ‍great for branding as they stand out‍ on their own, allowing customers to remember⁣ them more easily. Furthermore, many people use domain ⁤buying services that will give you⁢ more⁣ control over the domain purchasing process, letting you ⁣pick the perfect domain.

Memorability –⁤ Assigning numbers to ⁢your domain⁣ increases the memorability of your website address, and makes it easier for customers to find it in the future.

Customization ⁢– You can customize numerical domains with logos, colors, ‌pictures, and⁣ other‍ graphics, making it work better for your particular brand.‌ You can also‌ use keywords and phrases that help customers understand what you do and provide ⁢a better identity for your website. ⁢

SEO ‍Benefits ⁢– By ⁢including relevant keywords in your numerical domain, you can get a higher ranking⁤ on search engines,⁤ which translates ⁢to more customers.

Easy Purchasing – Purchasing numerical domains is easier than ever, with some providers giving customers the ‍ability to purchase their exact desired numerical domain, whether it’s for personal or business use.

Separate Entities – When using a numerical domain, customers can easily distinguish between separate ‍entities or identities. For example, you ‍could create one⁤ numerical domain for your⁤ products, ⁢another domain for a website, and a⁢ third domain for social media.

Conflict Management – ⁣When ⁢used ⁣appropriately, ‌numerical⁢ domains can help manage potential conflicts between websites because ⁣the domains are so easily separated.

Cost – Numerical domains come at⁤ lower cost in‌ comparison ‌to other domain types, which makes them‍ attractive to customers⁢ that may not have ‌the budget ‍for a more costly domain.

Protection – Finally, numerical domains provide extra protection ⁣from hackers. By having numerical domains in ⁣place, hackers are ‌less likely‌ to target your website as they’ll have to go through many specific numerical domains before finding‍ yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are⁢ some of the benefits of having numbers in my domain name?
A: Including numbers in your domain name⁤ can make it easier to remember, more succinct, and can give your⁣ website ‌a more authoritative and professional feel. Additionally, it can ‌give ‍your⁢ website an edge if your ‌main domain name is already‌ taken⁣ and unavailable⁣ for purchase.

Q: Is there any potential downside to ⁤using numbers in my domain name?
A: Generally, there are no major⁢ drawbacks ‍to having numbers in your domain name. However, it’s important to remember that a numeric domain is less appealing to potential‌ customers and can be harder to pronounce⁣ or understand⁤ for some. You’ll need to consider how important that‌ is for your brand before including ⁣numbers in your domain.

Q: Are there any limitations to what numbers ‍I can include in my domain?
A: You can ⁣usually include any kind of⁣ number you like in your domain name, such as the year,‌ version numbers, or any other number that is relevant⁤ to your brand. However,‌ keep in mind⁢ that ⁤some⁣ numbers can be hard to read or ‍spell. If possible, make sure your ‌numbers aren’t too complex to avoid any confusion.

Key⁤ Takeaways

If you’ve⁣ been⁢ considering using numbers in your domain names, this article should have demonstrated why it⁣ makes good business sense. Once you understand the potential benefits, ⁢there’s no⁢ reason not to give‌ it a go! With the ⁣right combination of words ‍and digits, you could ‌give your brand the extra boost it needs.

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