Srini Swaminathan – An Inspiring Brainwave In His Running Shoes!

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Srini Swaminathan – An Inspiring Brainwave In His Running Shoes!

To be a champion, one has to see the big picture. It’s not about winning and losing. It’s about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge. It’s about embracing the pain that you’ll experience at the end of a run and not being afraid of it at all!

Srini Swaminathan is a living example to what is said above! A Marathon Runner. A Cyclist. A Teacher. He is the
absolute inspiration!

Srini has become a live brainwave for many who are not willing to give up on life for physical hindrances. Yes,
he is a chronic Asthma patient who suffers from this gruesome syndrome since he was just 7. Now you may
ask, Asthma and running? Well that is not all about this young and energetic enthusiast. There is much more
to Srini in many layers that we are going to unfold now.

Srini runs marathons to raise funds for the schools and educational institution that are helping the children from lower income strata to gain education and a healthy life thereof. Hailing from a low-income community himself, he felt that education is the utmost necessity for anyone to escape the clutches of acute poverty, and hence he started his mission despite being a patient of a ghastly ailment. A fatherless child, who lost his father when he was 7, he is nurturing many young souls like a father, to come up in life and make a living for themselves He is handing them the most powerful tool called EDUCATION. All through his magic of RUNNING.



How did an asthma patient choose running?

Well, Srini is made of different metal we guess. He inherited Asthma from his father and kept fighting it with
the help of Deryphillin (double strength), Bactrim and Paracetamol, which his mother got for free, being a nurse in Chennai. Inhaler & Doctors’ consultation was out of their reach because there wasn’t any money to pay to them. Till his schooling and early days of college, he never ventured into any sports because he use to get acute wheezing attacks every now and then. After completing his graduation and after many years of working in oilfield services at Schlumberger Oilfield, he joined Teach For India in 2010 as a Teacher in Dharavi, Mumbai, inspired by the children of tsunami affected villages of Chennai where he volunteered earlier as a UNDP volunteer. He got inspired by the program so much that he moved back to Chennai to start Teach For India in Chennai with 30+ Fellows and staff in 2012. He still is carrying on with that.



During his stay in Mumbai, he took to running and cycling slowly but struggled so much that he almost gave up due to fear. In December 2009, he got determined to run the Mumbai Half marathon, despite being in extreme pain and discomfort. After running this Mumbai Half Marathon, he actually identified running as a great way to raise funds for students and started to sign up for various marathons.

The Achievements

Today he is long distance runner – with a basket of 15+ full marathons and 16+ half marathons (including one
200km Ultra Marathon in Kerala 2012) and he is also a long distance cyclist and has completed several 200 km
and 100 km rides, often using these to raise funds for various educational institutions, community classrooms,
and schools for underprivileged.

The Fund Raising And Giving Back To The Society

He is associated with NGO Milaap. He raises fund by participating in various marathons. Milaap makes sure that the fund raised reaches to the children who deserve it. In the last 5 years, he has raised millions of funds via, and Milaap to get Pratham Books Libraries. He also helped to acquire medical equipment for children’s hospital in Mumbai via Pragati.

Low income community classrooms in Chennai and Hyderabad, Haji Public school, a school in the Doda mountains in Jammu and Kashmir, in the Breswana village, where reach and resources are scarce, have benefitted from Srini’s marathon runs and the funds raised from them.

The Crux of The Story

Srini Swaminathan, a young lad who could not walk a few steps without getting a fear of wheezing Asthma
attack, gets inspired to run, thinking about the finish line and the funds that he could raise for many aspirants
who deserve a better life.

He gets back home from his work, plans for the next day and then wears his running shoes and sets out to run after 10 pm.

That’s what is keeping him fit mentally and physically.

We salute Srini wholeheartedly!

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