From fat to fit

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From fat to fit

By Kiran Mehta

Want to lose weight, but don’t know how to go about it? We do. While we might be biased to running, science never lies. Here are facts to prove that running is an extremely efficient way to fight flab.

You’re debating between paying up for swimming lessons, joining that hot yoga class, or just running free. Turns out the latter comes with little or no cost, and is a better bet when it comes to losing weight. So what gives running that extra edge? Read on:

  1. Cardio is the way to weight loss – Running is one of the most intense forms of cardio that you could pick. Here’s how cardio a.k.a aerobic activity actually works on your body: When you run, the oxygen, fats and carbohydrates in your body, produce Adenosine Triphostate (ATP) to keep you going. To cut the jargon, ATP is energy or fuel for the body. A large part of this fuel is created by burning down fats. Beware though that there’s good fat from sources such as nuts, dried fruits, fish; bad fat from the fries you couldn’t resist. Needless to say, good fat gets converted to ATP a lot faster than the bad guys. So, while running will help you lose weight, you can reach your goal faster, by working on your diet too.
  2. Burn calories (and myths) – There’s a little rumour doing the rounds that states that walking a mile and running a mile will have you lose the same amount of calories. You may want to believe it, but it’s a big, fat lie! To prove it, all you need to do is wear a calorie counter.
  3. Running is a whole body work-out – Running will have you working your lower body to the hilt, but will also have your arms swinging, along with setting your abs and glutes to work. To get the most out of your run, work on your form.
  4. Works while you don’t – Running is intense and comes with the advantage of after burn as compared to a low-intensity work-out (like swimming, yoga). After burn is an easier word for ‘Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption’ or EPOC.  Now, the longer and harder your work-out, the greater is your after-burn or higher is your EPOC.  This in turn increases your metabolic rate. So, even after you’ve stopped, your metabolism keeps going, inching closer to your ideal weight. Isn’t it fun to lose weight while you sit still.
  5. Drink to weight loss – Running uses up your fluid stores, pretty damn fast, and makes you thirsty. Drink up to restore the balance, flush out toxins and fat cells. That’s right – you can flush away the fat. Remember ATP? Now, fats were converted to energy during your work-out, but what if this energy wasn’t used. No harm done. Your body looks on this as waste and eliminates it. All you need is water (and a rest-room).
  6. It’s free – There’s little or no planning when it comes to taking up running. Apart from a good pair of shoes, you need little else to get started; no need to wait on the next pay cheque; no excuses. Lace up and get going.
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