Enerzal – Balanced Energy Drink

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Enerzal – Balanced Energy Drink

To prevent dehydration, only water is not enough as dehydration is a result of water as well as electrolyte loss. Thus, it is necessary for any runner to consume fluid which replenishes water, energy and electrolytes together. Enerzal fits perfectly here as it helps in replenishing all the three without any negative effect and thus helps the runner to recover faster, work longer and perform better.

Drinking Enerzal before, during and after your training and runs helps you to maintain optimum energy levels and hydration at all times.

Enerzal provides glucose for instant energy and sucrose for sustained energy along with 5 vital salts, which are Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium and Chloride. Functions of these 5 vital salts are:

  • Sodium maintains electrolyte balance and quenches thirst
  • Potassium prevents muscle cramps and required for normal functioning of muscles and nerves
  • Magnesium maintains muscle and nerve functions as well as conduction of nerve impulses
  • Calcium builds bone strength, helps in normal muscle and nerve functioning and water transport across cell membrane
  • Chloride maintains water balance, prevents dehydration and enables normal muscle contraction and relaxation.

Best part is per serving of Enerzal (15g) contains only 54 calories thus could be used without any excess calorie burden on body. It does not contain any preservatives, caffeine, and artificial sweetener thus suitable for all age groups and could be used without any side effects.

Enerzal has an osmolarity which is close to that of blood (300 mOsmol per-litre). Thus, it is Isotonic. This helps in faster absorption of fluid when compared to other energy and sports drinks which are high in sugar content (high osmolarity). High sugar drinks takes out water from body thus causes further dehydration. Hence, it is very important to consume fluids which are not high in sugar content and which provides a right balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes which Enerzal does.

Enerzal contains right balance of carbohydrates which is 7% of glucose and sucrose, which helps to prevent fatigue as compared to the other Energy drink which usually provides only glucose.

Enerzal could also be used regularly as a healthy option instead of tea/ coffee/ aerated beverages/ packed juices; as it provides all the health benefits mentioned above as well as keeps us fresh, energetic throughout the day.

Smruti Gokhale_enerzal Smruti Gokhale is a Nutritionist with a Master’s degree in Food Science and Nutrition from SNDT University, and has done her graduation in Food Nutrition and Diabetic from Mumbai University. Smruti is also a speaker on All India Radio (AIR) as well as writes articles on Health and Nutrition in magazines and newspapers such as Perfect Women, Stay Fit, Afternoon DC, and i-diva. You can get in touch with her: expert@enerzal.com / +91 7710033331


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